32-Bit Cafe

Stumbled on this really cool web community !

About Us

The 32-Bit Cafe originally started as a Discord server, an 18-and-over, safe-for-work offshoot of the Yesterweb Discord server. Alexandra had been part of conversations with adults who felt uncomfortable being in an all-ages chat server with a lot of teenagers and, as someone in her 30s, she empathized. With the 2000s and Y2K trends growing among teens and younger, notable parts of the “old web” have been a great way to get younger folks acquainted with the idea of building websites as a hobby, but there hadn’t really been many chatrooms for adults to converge in a safe-for-work discussion about the webweaving, webcrafting, website-building hobby that focuses on self-expression and art.

specifically liked this section on CSS theming contributions, felt like like this could be a cool take-away for you @losingmyego & mutual

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