AssemblyPress Update - Dec 21 2022

Just recorded a demo showing off fully functional AssemblyPress structure create with “promoteToEdition” esque functionality, proxy structure, and revamped contract storage. Still to come are naming updates, potential tweaks to access control (cc this thread from @neokry), and fine tuning of the general contract arch before we launch on main!

Link to previous update
Link to repo
New Deploys

New Txns

  • createPublication from AssemblyPressProxy
  • publish to createdPublication from Publisher.sol
    – deployed “Publication” personal minting contract
    – tokenId 1 rendering correctly on opensea
  • createProvenanceEdition of previously minted artifact token from AssemblyPressProxy
    – deployed “ProvenanceEdition” contract
    – tokens 1-5 rendering correctly (mirroing token1 of publication contract) on opensea
  • purchase aka standard minting function on zora contracts – which are the base for the provenanceEdition we created via AssemblyPressProxy
  • edit of metadata for artifact token #1, changed to a diff ipfs string from Publisher

Helpful values for testing

  • salesConfig for creating an open edition: [0, 0, 0, “18446744073709551615”, 0, 0, “0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000”]
  • OnlyAdminAccessControl module address = 0xA263Ebc71fb96210a5d505720C9E4893F8789046
  • DefaultMetadataDecoder address = 0x35F1B6d2E33cbC26449fBB72552fc6Dd529D53aE
  • ProvenanceRenderer address = 0xd2f1ff96bf9806e33f4e0f5cf67ad8a99bab641f

What is stored for each provenanceEdition in the ProvenanceRenderer


This is a great walkthrough. We’re almost there!

Thought I’d drop this here as a followup to the tx.origin issue:

Appreciate the demo too are there any architecture diagrams available to see how all of this stuff is piecing together. As a simple overview AssemblyPress is the factory, publisher is the curation nft that managers curations and handles metadata and the ProvenanceRenderer allows you to mint an edition of a curation reusing the same uri and metadata?

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Also a followup on the diamond pattern as a potential solution to the tx.origin issue:


this actually is just creating rlly flexible way to define metadata for nfts. Separate from the curation protocol, but obvi can then curate anything from this factory with it. will try to get an arch diagram showing how all this stuff connects

but yea u got the gist of how the provenanceEditions work. all the naming subject to change btw