AssemblyPressV2 - Dec 29 2022

Without going into too much detail, have spent the last 2-3 days completely redoing the AssemblyPress arch to move away from the dependency on the zora creator proxy which was limiting some of the flexibility + functionality of the entire arch. still missing a ton and very wip (no tests or deploy scripts yet), but now feel confident that we are nearing the final structure

few highlights of new arch include:
– metadata + mint logic set externally behind lightweight interfaces allowing for very flexible implementations
– moving away from upgradeability to go full hyperstructure mode
– optional immutable primarySaleFee configurable during contract deploy that could be used to incentivize third party front ends for the create process. fee amount + recipient are determined by deployer (or UI handling the deploy process)

link to branch in repo holding latest version at time of post

AssemblyPress…an information distribution hyperstructure

big s/o to @salief who has been grinding on this with me for the past few weeks


this is so good, information distribution hyperstructure…

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I wonder if the first thing to be distributed is the Hyperstructures essay?

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would be quite the opening statement !!

ps welcome first time poster :alien: