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Without us purposely doing this, we have effectively created 3 different blog templates all relying on the curation protocol over the past 6 months: Neosound (music/audio focused), Mint house (generic drop focused), & River (written/video editorial focused)

Figuring out a way to tie the development of all of these product primatives together will let us move towards a much more shared working environment towards each product direction, while still allowing for individuals/teams to work on the specific surface area that is most interesting to them.

I’ve put together a figma that illustrates how all of these platforms can actually be built around roughly the same infrastructure – with the one missing piece atm being a robust indexing solution that is equipped to handle this (zora indexer could work ~fine~ for this, but I believe a more dedicated solution such as Neume integration cc @djfnd might be needed to enable enhanced discovery across all of these as well)

ccing people who have worked / may be interested in working on some of the core / specific threads here:

general infra: @djfnd @math77

neosound: @colomborkrdz @estmcmxci @projectmehari @salief @losingmyego @jawn @Javier-Szyfer

mint house: @mmsaki @thekidnamedkd @junghwan

blog: me + @valcoholics + @junghwan


Re: neume, I think would be really interesting.

Will need to understand a little bit more about the events that are emitted, metadata, etc. And we may need to play a bit with architecture, but will be a fun thing to explore!


Would love to be a part of this conversation re: neume!


an additional rlly cool thing about all of this, is that the curation protocol is just one example of a shared data standard to build apps around. see the screenshot below for what the data of a curation receipt token looks like

AssemblyPress is designed around making it easy to create your own data standard that applications can be built around, using the fact that everything is tracked via NFTs to make the ux/dx really easy

This is also a huge opportunity to define how platform unlocked blogs/platforms/personal websites/etc can look for the future.


I’m very interested in contributing to this effort on both the Neume and PA side.

I think Neume could become an ideal source of data for curation by expanding it’s scope to index all the things. On top of this, curators provide a valuable service by separating the signal from the noise, something that is hard for an indexer to do while remaining neutral. Neume could then index the curators, exposing that signal as an input for further curation or UIs for discovery and consumption.

Sorry for the rant, I’m kind of excited rn :drooling_face: haha.


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Linking to a generalised neume <> PA thread that I started to discuss more general questions about how we can build out this integration: Neume <> PA discussion


added some new slides to the figma that i think makes it much clearer where this is all going


wanted to bump these three articles about online identity, digital spaces, + platform design for us all to keep in mind as we build this stuff out

there is so much design space to work with here, and so many historical patterns to dive deeper into / try to pull out of. one of the more interesting questions is “persona or subject driven profiles” ?

  1. SO-FAR - Issue Article - On Platform Design, Part I: From Subject-Centred Communities to Persona-Driven Platforms

  2. SO-FAR - Issue Article - On Platform Design, Part II: On RSS and the Theory of Communicative Labour

  3. SO-FAR - Issue Article - On Platform Design, Part III: Minimalism as an Ideology

theres like 3 more parts in this essay series i imagine are equally impactful as well


i think the answer to this will be some version of both

perhaps something like onchain subject driven entities (aka curation contracts), that allows for offchain re-aggregation of wallet-based profile activity

is SO-FAR still operating?

i just dmd them im not sure – will report back

Blog Era public awareness has begun shoutout @junghwan


damnnn new Joey unlocked, fresh look bruv


one more unlock coming soon :nail_care::space_invader::crystal_ball:

I came across a cool example of how blogs can be aggregated to create an interactive blog map. The example employs Figma, SVGs, and CSS to make a hyperlink map of content.

Great reference in my opinion : Building an Interactive Blog Map

cc: @0xTranqui @junghwan

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here for it


The park blog? @thepark