Blog Era: Update

Since Neosound was completed last October, the work and thinking towards a shared blogging infrastructure have been making significant progress! Adding to the existing blogging primitives developed on Present Material, PA Archive, and Mint House, @0xTranqui and I have been most recently working on a blog focused on writing + video content. Seeknoevil implements a markdown editor + create flow directly onto the webiste so that anyone with access control can mint new writing/video pieces from the website itself. Here is a quick demo of the website!

Now that we have implemented a basic writing flow to the existing blog primitives mentioned above, here are some of the next steps for “Blog Era”:

  1. Complete the underlying architecture for AssemblyPress V1 and deploy to an L2 (Optimism?)

  2. Develop a universal blog template that supports all media types (the current ‘blog’ templates we have are mainly focused on 1-2 media types, see image above for reference.)

  3. Develop a create flow for:
    a. Contracts: ERC 721 contract for new channels, ERC 1155 contract for new token collections
    b. Editions: A standard create flow that allows you to upload all media types

  4. Curate flow:
    a. Manage listings across different contracts + platforms

  5. Manage flow:
    a. Admin controls, update metadata, withdraw, etc/

As more users start using our blogging primitives, a universal blog template will become not only more needed for general usability, but also to evolve the current Public Assembly Archive into an open blog for all PA members to create/curate any onchain media.

I’m particularly excited about this idea because this now expands our “treasury” into a richer and more diverse resource layer with all the educational + creative material that every PA member can contribute to onchain. This shared space feels like what the forum could also eventually evolve into.

Additionally, @0xTranqui and I have been working on platform concept called River since February while AssemblyPress was still early in its development. One of the main features River is providing for the blogging infrastructure is discoverability + management of these channels (like the open PA blog, Neosound, and etc). There can now be multiple entry + access points for these channels to live on so that a new track for Present Material for instance can be curated on River and appear on the Present Material website and on platforms like Future Tape!

The goal for River is to skip to the very end of platform competition that we see commonly on both web2 + web3 platforms, and introduce the possibilites of how a well connected network can transform the exchange and dynamics of information that wants to be free.

A way we can potentially coordinate into this next phase is by strategizing multiple funding opportunities together. For instance, Entropy DAO has expressed their interest to partially fund the early development of River. While River will be a project that will be lead + maintained by @0xTranqui and I initially, I think it still makes a lot of sense for this project to commence via a Public Assembly proposal. This proposal would include more details on the goals of River, ideas/plans for additional funding, IP and ownership details, and how River can bring more opportunities + value for Public Assembly and AssemblyPress.

One of the most immediate opportunities is funding a working group that stewards the development of the PA open blog via a kickback similar to how the “Flexible DAO Interfaces” team routed 5 ETH back to PA’s treasury. This working group can scope + compensate themselves from PA’s treasury(with the added eth from the entropy proposal kickback) and work closely with the River team to coordinate on design patterns and integration opportunities for external groups.

Obviously there are many more areas in which the continued development of “blog” can + should coordinate, but this is the generally how the past 2 months since Blog Era is in sight has expanded our understanding of this next stage. Would love to get your thoughts, and clarify some more points! For any remaining details + context, please feel free to add them @0xTranqui


cc’ing people who were on the previous post: @thekidnamedkd @mmsaki @salief @neatonk @djfnd @projectmehari


will def follow up with more but in related news, link to demo showing new create channel (erc721) + create collection (erc1155) flow with the newest round of contracts on sepolia!! the UI is terrible but the new hooks are the first time ive implemented them so we are one step closer to getting more robust factory flows going. the create new contract flow is live at


just came across potentially great inspo for pa blog. it’s the “teaching portal” of Mindy Seu, who helps maintain the cyber feminism index (thx @salief for putting me on).

looks like she uses the portal to house all of the classes shes taught at Rutgers + Yale and leave it all for anyone to use CC0. goals


It’s great to hear about the progress that has been made on the blogging infrastructure, the vision for the future of the project sounds exciting. Also the demo on Seeknoevil looks great. Very bullish …


In terms of funding a working group, one implementation that comes to mind is using the PA Open Blog to document and archive the town hall content and community updates. Essentially, this involves curating the core ideas and insights from the Discourse forum conversations. This would include taking the Loom videos, Figma decks, and any other related key information, and aggregating it using the blog interface.

I think this would be a cool display of the “the universal blog template” and make it attractive for other daos to potential see themselves this interface for their own infrastructure.

Happy to steward it !

P.S. I’m wondering if we should take this opportunity to integrate flexible DAO interfaces at the same time.

let me know what you guys and I’ll put up a proposal for it.


this is a great synthesis of why it would be so valuable to do this. maybe we can get a call set up to talk thru things?? would be amazing to get ur help with PM + bringing visibility to this whole effort

ccing ppl who have been working on the blog stuff @junghwan @thekidnamedkd @mmsaki

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I’m up for it ! I’ll dm about it :love_you_gesture:

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