Burn address allocation mistaken?

Noticed that a burn address is set up as a founder in the nouns. builder. Even tho the allocation is 0%, should we remove it ? doesn’t make sense for it to be there since we’re not burning any tokens if I’m correct.

Also looked into the ERC1969 proxy address, can someone explain a bit more what that is?

Just curious to be honest!

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@neokry do you have any insight on why this could be?

i think it may be a bug one of those things where a burn address is passed through the same contract logic as founder addresses but it shouldnt necessarily show up under that tab on the website

no look feel is that it could just be a UI issue where something like a fallback is getting added to the map, but easy way to check that might be to look at other orgs for same behavior.

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@0xTranqui can you check the veto address to see if that’s accurate?

we good, must be a UI issue

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