Chatting about Proxies, Upgrades [VIDEO]

Sharing this conversation, not really sure where this type of content belongs. If you watch it and you’re interested in what we’re talking about/want to correct the myriad of incorrect things I’ve said, comment below!


Love this conversation. Thank you for sharing it and Salief you’re on point with this proxy stuff so no worries there.

I read a lot of code and apparently you and Max do as well. If I’m able to, I may create a new topic for sharing links to code we read.


Also, I’ve got some thoughts on a generic creator pattern that might be relevant. Not sure if this is the right place to share though, so lmk.

Let’s just continue in here and if we feel compelled to break it out into a different topic, we can do that!

Love that you’re here @neatonk


I’m going to stay on topic for now… So based on the convo. here and on GitHub, it sounds like you want to use ERC1967Proxy and UUPSUpgradeable to make PACreatorV1 an upgradeable factory so that you can update the implementation over time and keep a stable address for integrations. Looks like you already have some good examples of how to do this, but I found this PR to be very instructive. It uses the same pattern to make the SoundCreateV1 contract upgradeable:

Interestingly, this was removed in a later PR:

I think this is relevant here because there seems to be some discussion around whether the factory actually needs to be upgradeable.

I’m personally biased towards minimizing the use of upgradeable proxies and am really excited to see a trend in this direction—e.g. in recent releases like the sound-protocol and [decentSDK-protocol](GitHub - decentxyz/DecentSDK-protocol. I have more to say on alternatives to upgradeable contracts, but I’ll save that for another day.

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I’m just now watching the recording but thank you for the high value input, im currently updating the documentation for the curation factory and want to understand where our uniqueness is

I’ve also edited the post and tags to be more clear that this is a video recording conversation, I would have missed this if I didn’t double check

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This is a really great jumping off point. Going to follow that PR in addition to the architecture we’ve seen throughout the curation protocol, nouns protocol, and the drops contracts.

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