Crypto Zombies learning group (Solidity)

sup everyone,

I recently started to teach myself Solidity over the last month or so. I am considering going through the Crypto Zombies course again + other related soliditity, but this time with a peer group consisting of 4-5 people. This would allow us to give feedback to each other on different lessons.

I made this Notion document with the full course material. If there is any interest, I would be down to start another round of Crypto Zombies lessons later this month.


I started this Metablogging notion page to keep track of our work session and add notes or thoughts as throughlines in the document below. @Solidity-LG

Adding this Figma board as an archive for any resources shared during these sessions


Having done the whole thing once before, I’d love to revisit it.


Niiice, same here! I think it would help us better understand smart contracts if we peer review each other as we do it.

@estmcmxci @djfnd saw that you guys were interested in this in the welcome thread, are you in?

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Hello! Yes, totally. Was thinking of setting up a regular cadence to begin learning how to build; would be great to set up a weekly or bi-weekly meet where we keep track of our progress through the course. Let me know what you had in mind in how to structure it. In the meantime, I’m going to start thinking about how to give myself the space necessary to learn this new skillset.

Might pull a @0xTranqui and escape to South America for 100 days! Condensed Guide for Learning Web3 Development in 100 Days.


extremely down to lend time answering qs / providing some thoughts to help conceptualize some of the broader frameworks + ways to think about some of the material in a more zoomed out manner


Just found this too –

5 module, ETC ~4 months @ 7 hours a week – free, go at your own pace… it’s not Solidity specifically, but maybe that’s extra cool in tandem with CZ/Solidity stuff. Or as a next thing after CZ run et al. I was just gonna do it myself, but remembered this thread and know that a bit of accountability and knowledge share always gets me further in these types of courses.


eyyy this looks so interesting! would be down to a run at it but maybe later in spring (late April - beginning ). I would want to get a stronger understanding of the basic of solidity beforehand.

Cool initiative tho @thekidnamedkd

imo the most well defined solidity + front end learning environment has been and still is Speedrunethereum which is the project led by Austin Griffith + BuidlGuidl. i am in pretty good contact with him, and could imagine a PA ran cohort / tutorial around whats necessary to learn before that, and how to work through it, would be immensely valuable for both the participants + ppl who could watch from the outside.

i bet we could potentially even get some funding from them to run the cohort / documentation / content creation as well



hmmm is there a restriction to message in this Solidity learning group - Public Assembly? Can’t seem to message in there.

Anyways, I wanted to see if you all would like to have a quick onboarding call to get the ball rolling on this learning group. Keep in mind that we are moving at a “learn at your own pace” approach.

What are your availabilities this week?
@estmcmxci @thekidnamedkd @gainor @valcoholics

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So with the groups thing it only is to identity roles and those that want to receive alerts or emails for specific posts, @Solidity-LG would be how to mention everyone within that role at the same time, and since we’ve removed categories from the forum and operate based on tags, any post/thread to address the group would use the solidity learning-group tags or if you would like to create one specific to that just keep track of it.

Try to click on the solidity tag to see why it’s useful to keep all of those posts together in this way.

edit: the designated tag for this is solidity-lg, so people in the group get a notification anytime the tag is used

hmmm is there a restriction to message in this Solidity learning group - Public Assembly ? Can’t seem to message in there.

removed the personal message restriction


Perfect! I’ll probably use that to keep everyone updated.

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will take a bit of figuring out but the use of tags for this seems much better – thank u for setting up !!

Here’s another go at your own pace idea following CZ:

“degree” feels a little grandiose here? lol, but could be cool


not a bad take tho! This learning group is inspired by my experience taking courses at SuperHi. I wanted to find collaborators who share the same reference points as me. For example, if you’re a designer or project manager who wants to involve yourself in a web3 project, understanding the tech stack is a great place to start.

Good find @thekidnamedkd !

this is nice

hey um… chapt gpt can help with all of the solidity learning immensely. could be really interesting to experiment with using it to create a curriculum with practice problems and then also using it as a teacher to correct peoples responses and stuff


I’m going to extend these availabilities for another week, since this week’s notice may have been too short.

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Hey y’all,

Me and @thekidnamedkd are going to chat about Solidity learning group tomorrow at 1 pm.

if anyone wants to join, dm me !