Curation Protocol Migrated to AssemblyPress!

With great excitement I can tell you that the curation protocol has finally been migrated over to a custom insertable logic file in the AssemblyPress framework. Here is the branch thats holding the impl rn (no tests yet), and here is the CuratorLogic.sol file that stores most of the magic.

Hoping to get this finalized tm with the goal of releasing a full first draft of AssemblyPress to kickoff a public Request For Comment (RFC) as early as monday !! stay tuned


@neatonk comparing the DefaultLogic.sol file with CurationLogic.sol file would be a good place to understand how we’ll write the custom logic file for the private destruction project. also heads up – looking like we may do the project on the erc1155 press impl rather than erc721 to take advantage of some very interesting mechanics that will allow!

cc @dannydiamonds @jawn


LFG!!! Curation season 2

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Niiice. Thanks for the heads-up. I’ll be curious to hear more about those 1155 mechanics.

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