Custom PA Font System

this idea has been floating around for a while, but just got reminded of it after hearing a podcast with one of the designers that was brought on to do branding for Extinction Rebellion. they said one of the first things they did was create a custom font system, which made it rlly easy for subgroups of their headless brand to achieve a baseline “official” feel in any of their individual marketing.

What would that look like for PA? Maybe this is something all headless brands need, but ppl haven’t realized yet?


The designer from your talk seems to referring to creating a design library / system and sticking to it for all marketing and design materials - a library of typefaces that is used with rules. A brand book.

For us right now - we’re between Helvetica Neue and TImes New Roman. Dont necessarily love either.

I’m working on the design system for PA Templates - so this is the start of defining the type sytem we use in products. As we continue to define sub-groups, this can expand. The idea is that everything is part of the same family, with different rules for different applications of design. My hope is that MUTUAL is the caretaker of this for PA.

The best goal for us right now is to finish this design system for Product Design, and to move onto defining a system for Marketing/Brand design. Creating the rules is only part of it thought. Almost hopeful as a designer, you wish that everyone would use the type system as defined - but as a brand scales (esp a headless one), you are at the mercy of people deciding if they want to follow your system to a T.

**based on the zillion brands I’ve made / startups I’ve contracted with

Side note : It’s a lot of effort to create a custom typeface -a personal goal is to make one in the near future. Was talking to PeaceNode about this the other day, potentially making one together. Also something overall I am hoping for PA to implement. IT would be badass to create a custom typeface and open-source it. Very PA. (Goals for second half of the year)


link plz!

holds breath until you submit a proposal to develop a custom type face with Peace & co

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