CW MVP <> Project for hire

Looking for help building Front end + smart contract integration MVP by April 3 with a 2 ETH budget.


Up until recently, the trustless nature of the process of minting an NFT was hindered by the fact that it needed to be one wallet doing the minting on behalf of all parties involved, increasing the risk of conflict and with the consensus needed to be reached off-chain. I led a research study on splits for Water and Music to take a deeper look and found several interesting conclusions.

The first one was that the EOA design architecture is built for single-player dynamics and the general lack of multiplayer infrastructure available. The second was that the concept of splits means something to musicians and something else to crypto natives. Onchain splits are focused on the distribution of funds and musicians think about splits as % of the ownership of IP. We are designing a file management system that serves as a notary-like entity allowing for multiplayer registry of ownership agreements onchain.

Screen Shot 2023-03-22 at 9.49.15 AM

In the context of music and digital IP, onchain data valuable to a registry system would help these processes:

  • Which creators and collaborators own moral and financial rights in a release,
  • How that information changes as works progress
  • How that release has been used, licensed, and/or sold over time

System design.
I put together a product board detailing the MVP stack:

  • Multiplayer Arweave File management system
  • Integration onto custom 0xSplit contract with custom tag metadata that ties with specific Arweave id
  • Front end combining above flows and providing links out to public distributors (zora, decent, etc) (optional)

Additional info on Flow logic :arrow_down:

Next steps after MVP

  • Mobile app intgration
  • 4337 Account abstraction iteration

Open to all kinds of feedback from my PA peeps on this build :slight_smile: and hopefully some help :hammer_and_wrench:


This looks really cool. I won’t be able to jump on this opportunity but will be interested in hearing more about it as things progress.

There may be some overlap with a project I’ve got planned for CC0lab that relies heavily on Arweave and Bundlr for storage, ownership, and tagging. If your project is going to be open source, we may be able to share some code or knowledge about that part of the system.

Happy to jump on a call some time.


Super interested in your project idea on a number of levels! Thanks for sharing.

Haha I was going to tag you. I was like I bet @neatonk has some thoughts :thought_balloon:

Hey! Very keen to know more about how your thinking about this in the context of CCO. I’ll take you up on that offer to chat :slight_smile: