[D2D] [Discussion] BuilderDAO entity structures and the UNA

As some of you know builderDAO launched their forum, which will be a great resource for more how we want to shape ourselves while operating in the ecosystem. Check out this post. I will be taking time to go through it and give my thoughts after the weekend.

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wow Shahab posting in the forum. they not playing around

wowowowo that post is gold just read it. should be mandatory reading

Do you have to create an account for each Discourse forum you are a part of?


yeah, but I also dont need to sign in so its fine

This was an interesting read. But as we see more operational questions pop up for Public Assembly (basic strategy, cultural standards, and etc), this post seems to only graze on the practical/situational context that a startup DAO faces:

  1. As DAOs starting with 0 ETH in the treasury, the lack of financial and legal counsel will be a very big constraint felt progressively as they scale, how does Builder think about this factor that directly influences their success as a public good.
  2. Are DAOs advised to hire (+ pay via treasury) a lawyer/accountant full time to mitigate legal, financial, security risks? If so, how are these contract/compensation details something that any DAO can format if there is no one with prior experience or knowledge of services required?
  3. Are there any cultural standards/practices that are encouraged or discouraged to avoid bigger legal issues down the line, specific to Nounish DAOs?

Just like how we have been asking: What is the best cultural standard when proposing on behalf of Public Assembly as a working group to another DAO. There is definitely a practical perspective in this situation, so that the DAO establishes more transparency and standardization to more complex interactions involving assets.

(Edit: I know the forum post was drafted specifically for Builder DAO, but my opinion is that major DAOs like Nouns and Builder should be considered the anomaly. And Builder DAO specifically should also take some sort of advisory role for all DAOs launched via Nouns Builder)