Dec 7, 2022 - FF89DE Eng Update

Wanted to share some updates on current workflows + progress for the whole team to see. Will try to summarize as best as possible:

Eng Priorities:
– Finishing supportive products (ex: ArtifactMachine) that will allow PA to submit the best proposal to the prop house round, + facilitate PA getting everything onchain as soon as possible
– Initial DAO interface functionality scoping (see “onchain” section where we are breaking apart pieces of the proposal prompt) to give design + edu (@losingmyego @junghwan @valcoholics) insight to how we are thinking about the interface and get the ball rolling on both the proposal submission (due 12/19) + rough product delivery date (1/23/23 ish – this is pretty rough)

Rough custom dao website prop house “arc” timeline:
– 12/5 - 12/18 round open for proposal submissions
– 12/19 - 12/25 voting period
– 12/26 winners announced + awards distributed
– 1/23/23 rough expected project finish date assuming 4 weeks from day award distributed to project completion?

My assessment of where Eng is on this timeline
– it feels like we are pretty close (maybe by eod Monday 12/12 – @salief + @DBlodorn) of having the first pass at finalized ArtifactMachine solidity + UI that can be used by not just us done.
– not a lot of work has been done on the specific implementaiton details to go into the prop house proposal, but eng has been doing repeated syncs on this topic and will be able to share more robust opinions on functionality by the end of this week / beginning of next week

Other things
– plz share feedack on anything in here
@valcoholics how did u like my usage of the word “arc” in this post? I think it helps convey the context of the situation we are in perfectly. Do u have other word choice you think is better than “arc” in this scenario?


Hey so in regards to ArtifactMachine - here’s a doc i drafted as an attempt to articulate the additional methods (simlar to contractURI) that would be nice to have:

And i minted it :sunglasses:


Also have been working - and will continue to work on - the builder token auction ui and explorer work within the PA homepage. plan to extract this work into an npm package in the next few days and use it to illustrate architectural concepts around how the template / custom site is composed.

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Oh and the renderers too… (markdown renderer here…)

we like the arc

minted markdown is kind of blowing my mind right now


cross posting here - making some progress on crafting some token auction / explorer UI in the PA homepage. Not merged yet, still need to polish the UI from a visual design standpoint - but… having fun!


We need to get you set up on the ARTIFACT_MACHINE - when it’s up @valcoholics - Feel like you are the first class power user.