Developers: Beta Testing for Front-End Interface Package for DAO Collaboration with BLVKHVND

Hello PA and Developers @trust_level_1 @trust_level_0

We are currently looking to organize forum, if you would like to be put under a development group @Development so you can be mentioned in posts that can go straight to your email when we
have opportunities like this please reply to this message.

We are excited to announce that we looking to draft a proposal to build out more DAO site functionality on a collaboration with BLVKHVND. As part of the development process, we are looking for a small group of experienced developers who are interested in beta testing the package before its official release.

The package is built on React.js and is designed to make it easy for users to interact with the DAO.

If you are an experienced developer who is interested in testing the package and providing feedback, please let us know. We would be grateful for any suggestions or bug reports you may have.

As a beta tester, you will have the opportunity to shape the final product and help ensure that it is of the highest quality.


Not sure if I can be of help but would like to be informed :slight_smile:


Happy to help if I can. I’m generally interested in hearing about PA projects and testing them out. Honestly, I’ve been in the habit of doing this all along.


Would also love to help where I can. We’ll have and will continue to use PA tools for entropy so super down to test/build things out! also please keep me in the email loop for engineering things :white_heart::white_heart::white_heart:


Awesome to hear, we will definitely keep you in the loop! Are your repos open source?

Yo! Sirsu here from BLVKHVND. I wanted to give some flavor to this!

Since last year, I’ve worked with Druzy to build a terminal for all info related to BLVKHVND as sort of our full data layer for all of our onchain activities. Based on the work PA has also done with Nouns Builder, I want to finalize the Terminal work that we’ve worked on and combine it with the work @valcoholics and the Public Assembly team have set up for nounish DAOs. The stack uses Contentful CMS for content.


welcome to the forum


u rlly hopped in!! guessing that linking with @salief + @E-Rick once they are a bit closer to the final version of Flexible Dao Interfaces + our dao-utils package will be the move here


also me and @junghwan are about to sprint on some onchain CMS related things … will fill u in as we go

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What’s up Sirsu, definitely eager to hear more about that work you’re describing! We’re hoping that the components we’re building will easily slot into people’s existing sites (granted that they’re being built with react).

We built our terminal with react + contentful