Discourse Design

Is the background and colors always going to look like this or can we make everything black and pink?

nah theres so much stuff we can change. just made u an admin peep the admin panel on the left

and then hit customize

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solarized dark is nice u can set it in ur personal settings but yea we should also make custom one

The share link to post on public web is soooo crucial

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staritng to make custom interface its called newv1. so many inputs but eventually we can make it nice

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This is triggering. Apparently each post must be at least 20 characters…

the character min is terrible. gonna see if i can change that potentially. in terms of the interface, make us a cool one

This is tight - we could totally retheme.
Should this be a prophouse round?
PA discourse theme hackathon?


love the idea of a clean UI. Realized today that Webflow’s forums that i spend way too much time in also use discourse-- clean enough that i never realized it was Discourse until now. How to Enable a Webflow Share Link - Webflow Tips - Forum | Webflow


this is a really nice outline for organizing categories, but I also feel like we’ve regressed in terms of custom emojis

This wont go away until we have 1 more topic and 30 more posts so I’m going to slightly spam because it’s disorientating

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Also trying to get my sidebar more organized than what it looks like right now, also may need a better domain name

Current inspirations for categories:

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waiting on a response from discourse team about setting up forum.public—-assembly.com

should be able to set it up but seemed like they had an error around the dashes in our url

currently got sign in with bird and discord

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actually the only reason docs.public---assembly.com looks like that is because super would not let me use the domain public---assembly.com/docs, do you like the leading redirect in the domain or after the backslash more? I’m in favor of the latter

oh interesting. I actually think backslash may be better for us cuz the base url is kinda confusing as is. so we could have:


I feel like that’s cleaner looking?

and then ppl who frequent site just need to start typing “pu” in their browser and it will auto fill

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+1 to backslash

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It seems that now we have duplicate categories, nouns builder can go in a subcategory of governance. Also theres a forum category “general” and a channel called general but im not exactly sure what the difference is