[Discussion] Minting and voting on the Code of Conduct and general expectations for projects we fund under the PA umbrella

TL;DR: Overdue conversation on Code of Conduct and Values that align with PA and allocation of the treasury?

Background: There are definitions that people need to agree to on projects we fund through the DAO. What’s our meme? What are we proliferating? What do we want to see more of? How much are working groups of PA expected to return back to the PA treasury? Is this conversation an antithesis to everything we believe in? What is the definition of our working groups? Who even are we as 34 holders?

More importantly what is in the fine print when people say “headless brand?” so everyone looking to pull from the treasury can know those implications and strategic benefits around being “headless”.

What is the hierachy of values in this bubble where there is nuance and some things need to override others

has everyone even seen this post?

Is this conversation more appropriate over a drafting session on google meet?

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