[Draft] Fund Artist Mints on AssemblyPress ERC1155

TLDR: Send 5 ETH to prop house to fund artists to create open editions on Assembly Press or make memes around it. 1 ETH x 5 winners to the best pieces. Holders of Public Assembly tokens vote on the art.

Motivations: Art.


I’m with this if only bc we are otherwise stagnating with the treasury. With a current zorb derivative project + tool already in dev — I would prefer that the scope of this round be more expansive.

Maybe just create some curated source material for inspo — but also wouldn’t be mad if the call to action was just make art period, no need to be related to anything


what do u think of splitting this into 2 similtaneous rounds:

Fund art: 5 winners x 0.5 eth

AP solidity audit: 5 winners x 0.5 eth


@junghwan did u ever get to finish line with getting prop house set up?

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Right away a soldity audit needs more eth but on the topic of art, Assembly press is all metadata right? Meaning more art forms like poetry and even html stuff?

I will say the participants of that prop hold power to vote for winners on this potential round and I think that’s very special being that they are the first artists to pull from the PA treasury.

But again it is a draft, what about a round for artists to mint on AP?

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AP is great for experimenting with access control, onchain db logic, and publishing mechanics

In terms of metadata it’s no different (assuming ppl will still point to ipfs stored jsons most of the time) — besides the fact u have nice flexibility in terms of swapping out dif renderers and logic paths and such

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Yea tbh I’m guessing most of our audit will come for free from ppl interested in what we doing

I like this framing a lot. Could be proposals to mint open editions from PAs new 1155 contract ??

@thekidnamedkd @mmsaki plays nicely with the mint house idea y’all are cooking up :eyes:

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Okay, an open bug bounty, going to wait for more repliies but I’d be down to start a more robust draft on a round for AP, but will there be an interface?

Was thinking prop house could be the interface for all of this (at least tithe submitting + awarding props piece)

Solidity bug props would just need to link in their GitHub pull request or something like that

For everything that wins the art round, we could def set up a cool interface for submitting a prop to deploy cool art with custom ipfs upload and stuff. With nouns connnect, it simplifies everything so much


we could also run the bug bounty in the forum which might be nice for multiple reasons. May be helpful in making it a more collaborative experience than a competition. And we can still reward the ppl who best contributed. Just ideas …


I’ve held off since the previous conversation regarding prop house seemed to contain some hesistation. But as we don’t have any other prop-house esque alternative atm, I’ll go ahead and set that up.

If you would prefer artist not mint openly the contract at the time of the prop the I would say it’s a little different than what I was thinking, for the builder house ideas round just for comparison, the mint was apart of the submission and that’s what I meant

yea this the issue with prop house of course. imo the prob is that the alternative is a different interface to handle all of this — which requires us using infra that might not be the best for it (forum), or building out something ourselves (which takes time + energy).

imo prop house rewards → submit one proposal that deploys all 5 collections in one prop is a potential middle ground here

1155 AP arch has been deployed to goerli. recorded a video of how to start experimenting. much more coordinated + cohesive docs for everything are coming soon I promise

relevant links mentioned in video:

ERC1155 contract factory (start here)
default contract level logic
default token level logic (editions)
default token level renderer (editions)
abi.hashex for creating bytes encoded values
AP 1155 github folder


A few months ago we dropped a music video by Kasbeel right when the market was down-trending. Got the price point very wrong which was a huge drawback for the project. A collector suggested this week that we should burn that contract and drop it as open editions. Would yall be interested in exploring this for the 1155 OE? It’s a super well-produced video and we could probably build something cool narratively that can be socialized throughout DAOs that know her project. We would need to be very intentional about the mint so that it doesn’t flop. Question: Can PA hold 1155s in a DAO treasury? Like DAO asset investment treasury?


Thinking a little bit more in-depth about this idea this morning… I know that a FDI project is in the works and maybe I d like to try and add some energy to that process :slight_smile:

Ideas and qs:

  1. Is there a way we can articulate both the AP 1155 project with the FDI?

  2. Funds from the sale go to the artist DAO treasury

  3. Use of funds is voted by the token holders for artist development investment in for ex:
    a. Funding next music releases b. Funding next video release c. Salaries for the artist team d. Funding US artist visa for artist e. Marketing of artist’s previous releases g. Multiple combinations of the above.

  4. Question: Can a DAO have an end date? We wouldn’t want this to be a process that requires persistent presence from the token sale participants so as not to set unrealistic expectations. The process closes gracefully after the vote final stage of use of funds is socialized with token holders.

  5. What are behavioral metrics that can happen on-chain that we can interpret from this exercise?
    Financial impact vs Social impact? Psychological, emotional or cultural impact on the artist?

  6. I view this exercise as proof of public good infrastructure, as the impact breaks the proximity effect.


@colomborkrdz so cool to see u drop this in here. to answer some of ur qs:

– FDI and AssemblyPress are two separate initiatives – even tho aspects of AP may blend into FDI at some point
– Public Assembly can deploy an 1155 contract from AssemblyPress, and from there we can vote on what tokens get minted from the contract (remember in 1155 world, the tokens ARE the open editions)
@thekidnamedkd and @mmsaki have started scheming up a PA mint house type site to host PA collections – the plan is to make this compatible with the 1155 contract PA eventually deploys for itself

Speaking for myself, I dont think its PA’s best use of treasury in this moment to fund music releases, but am a big fan of using funds to build templatized components + tooling to support creative work. With the PA mint house already on the way to getting built out, it sounds like we would just need to add a custom video renderer to that scope for us to be able to support this music video – which I think would be a great thing to do

Would love to see us vote YES on deploying this video as an edition from PA and then host it on the PA mint house – as long as you dont think it would be better served for Kasbeel to deploy this herself so she can keep the provenance tied to her eth address


IMO, PA has a mint house concept coming, would definitely be a good place for content. However, nothing solid at the moment, i’d say just hang in there.