[Draft v2] PA Mint House: a frontend for PA’s own Assembly Press

This is technically a repost, draft posted before I could format/edit properly. Disregard this version.


Short term: Initialized as proof of concept ask by @0xTranqui to build a frontend showcase for using the latest Assembly Press architecture as a curatorial space – think on-chain collective curation by the DAO.

Long term: Open source goal to allow other orgs to spin up their own Press + frontend via one-click deploy, network of curatorial spaces.


Based around the idea of PA curating a mix of tight projects worth minting/collecting/amplifying – specifically from the Galaxy Brain podcast as a mint, Felt Zine x PA Drop, @junghwan’s [PAP11], etc. These could be PA drops, other groups we have high affinity for, direct collaborations with outlets/brands/protocols, or stuff we just plain love. This would give both a cultural and fiscal value stream directly to creators by platforming various projects together while preserving all ownership and pre-configured contract mechanisms to the creator(s) of projects being curated.

Ask Details

Currently a collaboration between myself and @mmsaki with direction from @0xTranqui on implementing the protocol, open to all collaboration + feedback. We are building a Next app with GraphQL + Chakra-UI to automatically surface everything that hits the PA Assembly Press deployment.

As of now we are attaching testnet data via the first Goerli deploy of the Assembly Press to start testing and iterating on the landing page index, navigation, and basic drop page with various. Future plans include the ability to ‘spotlight’ drops and swap in custom pages with more components + attendant design. After that will be including bid/minting functionality similar to Nouns Builder implementations like on the PA homepage.

Demo build (updating regularly): https://mint-house-two.vercel.app/
Figma designs: https://www.figma.com/file/S7XQg8pOk6YXelRSSrdHNY/mint-house?t=BYBQK1GcLk9MUvVl-1
Deploy details + walkthrough: AssemblyPress Walkthrough - Google Docs


A one stop shop for more consumer facing endeavors of PA including in-house projects. Optionally driving revenue for the DAO with curation fees, and definitely for creators whose contracts will be used natively. Successful curation and amplification of outside projects also brings much goodwill towards PA. Invites numerous collab opportunities which are inspiring, teachable, and endless.


Currently 80% complete on MVP by end of month. This is an ongoing project with maintenance and new features and custom drops pages planned.


TBD (basic compensation for hours on deliverables) - estimated 20 hours total so far.


so cool to see this project his this phase :face_holding_back_tears:

i think something that would be really helpful to solidify before getting this prop onchain would be more clearly scoped dev stages for how you see this project progressing. all of the stuff you described is awesome, but obviosuly a ton of work. i imagine breaking things down so u can go after them step by step, increasing scope as u go, will be the most efficient way to do this (and also solves for the problem of the treasury being kinda limited atm :skull:)

providing an initial idea of what that could look like, but ofc this is up to what yall want to do + what the rest of PA wants to vote for:

phase 1 - MVP
– curation contract embed that allows for dynamic routing to collcetion specific mint pages
– generic mint page template, potentially leveraging the beginning of the PA design system (@losingmyego is this different from Mutual? related? or the same?) as a way to start testing/showcasing that functionality
– solution for adding custom mint page styling, with any/all of the 3 drops you mentioned serving as examples

phase 2 - AssemblyPress create flow
– mainnet/testnet flow for creating erc721/erc1155 contracts out of the AssemblyPress architecture. @salief this is where those designs u started for custom minting module deployment could come in handy?

phase 3 - one click deploy curation house


Hola! May need more clarity on the question. The MUTUAL design system will eventually be a fully fleshed out library set up in a way that serves as an example for how to do shit right. Ideally all PA Templates are using this library (up to the builder ofc)

But in regards to this MVP - 100% use the MUTUAL library! Very happy to help with that aspect @mmsaki @thekidnamedkd as some of the library is in my head and not laid out in figma yet

(edited to change all names to MUTUAL)


i wasnt sure if I should refer to the “PA Design System” as “Mutual” or “PA Design System”

Such a good point. Lets start calling it “MUTUAL”

Yes please, would love to get MUTUAL in this and leverage what y’all been working on.


Loving how this is slowly coming to life. Just want to thank @0xTranqui for making this connection with @thekidnamedkd, also love the coordination happening in PA.


Thank you for this feedback. Definitely could break down the timeline more: past, present, future. I wasn’t exactly sure how much to capture here initially. We wanted to allude to the potential broadly, but also aware that it could be another version/prop/set of collaborators. Feels like the custom pages for ‘spotlights’ (working term) could be an ongoing “good first issue” type prop for the right collaborators coming onboard.


also to clarify i didnt mean to assume the expectation of future work. there should be no problem with PA supporting proposals that are one off things that accompish something cool. just meant to say that if there is a potential for a project to extend / be iterated on into the future, it would be helpful for communal roadmapping to get some of those ideas out before getting onchain

No doubt. I think you are very right to clearly time block what any treasury ask would be though. We all know how that scope creep go…

Just to add on top of this. We should probably scope out the development process to scope out the different phases for this prop. We could covers a little bit more details on:

  • done: What has been completed
  • in progress: What we are currently working on
  • not started: We are planning to add

This is so dope. I can easily see how this becomes an essential tool for DAOs of all sizes. Aligned with all of the points brought up in the original post and the comments.

Also feels like a great time to start thinking about MUTUAL and how to remove as much product design granularity from these more non-opinionated template builds.

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also can reference the public neosound notion or dao launch notion for inspiration on breaking the build up into weeks

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everytime i see this notion i get so hype that it exists

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@losingmyego yooo can we link on MUTUAL usage? I was curious if you guys have any media handling components built up yet–been hacking away at it, but there always seems to be an edge case and the code is getting smelly–BUT more importantly also want to start implementing anything that makes sense ASAP like a mint flow and whatnot. :sunflower: