ethGlobal Autonomous Worlds MUD hackathon team

hey all, i’m looking for a/some technical partner(s) for the Autonomous Worlds ethGlobal hackathon. The hackathon is may 18-25, so pretty soon, but figured i’d ask around and see if anyone wanted to join up. Link here:

the hackathon is focused on using MUD, which is a sweet looking framework for building eth apps: mud is developed by lattice, who did the darkforest game and OPcraft, and they kinda blew my mind when they presented mud at devcon last year

i’m open to topics, been noodling about a game that focuses on “collaborative geography” which could be interpreted in a ton of ways - but again not married to this

open to anyone who might want to collab - i’m a designer, so specifically looking for folks who might be interested in helping with solidity or backend. i’m also not a wizz with FE, though i’ve got some react/tailwind chops, so welcome any FE folks too - and also i’m sure there will be lots of design work so happy to share the design load as well.


found out about MUD recently after reading this thread about the current (horrdenous) state of blockchain front end that pointed out things like MUD is potentially ways to improve the experience

sounds rlly cool but unfortuantely dont have time to tap in to this :frowning:

if u end up making anything for this plz share !!

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yooo I feel like @neilson would be the perfect person to talk about this. mind blown by his work recently

Ahh I forgot to message you - this is what I made for the hackathon, a sokoban style game about building a road.


Really cool project @neilson :exploding_head:


Just thought I should share on this thread as well. I also participated in the Autonomous Worlds hackathon and I am really impressed with their framework. I was more interested in the Machine Learning and Zero Knowledge proofs aspect of it that 0xParc is building. Here is my submission for the hackathon: Autonomous Learning | ETHGlobal


Extropy IO :face_with_monocle: Did you do encode club bootcamp I learned under extropy for awhile as well!

Yeah, I currently work with them under an apprenticeship! Just joined 2 weeks ago. Also took their ZK bootcamp at encode club this year.


Very cool I sat in out their solidity foundations and bootcamp and had a peak at their expert course, they do education very well over there

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