Felt Zine x PA Drop -- Mint Mark's Art Workshop from Metabolism

– lets get the first official Felt Zine x PA collab onchain. Proposed by feltzine.eth. The media worthy of marking this occasion already exists. Another example of PA prioritizing education in terms of the media deemed worthy of bringing onchain

What needs to happen to get this executed
– upload this amazing art workshop to ipfs (maybe one without the eth global framing?)
– find + screenshot + upload our favorite still from the workshop to IPFS
– submit a proposal (from feltzine.eth) to deploy a collection from PA. we can use our first PA drop as a template (unless we want to try to figure out a non ZORA drop contract flow on this one). feltzine.eth either needs to buy a token or someone needs to delegate one
– build a basic mint site to host the drop. maybe this is the start of public---assemly.com beginning to live as a mint house for PA? or we build a new mint house?
– go live with the collection. funds split 80/20 or 90/10 Felt Zine x PA

Funds needed (can be distributed in same prop used to bring media onchain)
– project mgmt esque stuff to bring this from 0-1
– dev to build wtv mint experience we go with

Next steps
– who wants to build this !!!




I think FeltZine has so much value to bring to the creative community. Mark and the team behind him, @DevMoore + many other creatives, are high in good vibes. Thanks public assembly for initiating this move. YUH YUH Let’s gooooo.


u made it in !! welcome :people_hugging:

Hey everyone! Its Mark from Felt Zine here and FIRST I just want to say I am honored to even be a part of this and have this idea floating.

I appreciate the excitement around this and I want to just say that in working with Felt Zine we always allow for A LOT of creative input, and expression! We also have art, and new stuff we can provide as content if we’re looking to add that extra bit of web art interactive fun to the mix!