First Public Assembly Townhall

+1 to it being less structured and flex to be more than 1 hour with ppl hopping on when they want / can. I’m down to help mod for at least an hour

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Yo, super down for this. Might I suggest setting up a lettuce meet and allowing people to vote on a best time to meet? Looking forward to this, and hopefully I’ll be around for it. Going to be at SXSW next week but I’ll try my best to make the time for this!

Also, would encourage an agenda add – @djfnd’s discussion re: Neume <> PA discussion merits further exploration IMO.


It’d be dope if you can make it, but if you can’t there will be the recording/slides posted after!

Just noticed that you can make polls in forum, dropping this here.

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday

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@trust_level_1 @PA-Holders Looks like Wednesday, link to decide for time: LettuceMeet - Easy Group Scheduling

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Remind that this was proposed last week as well

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we gonna look back at this townhall as the start of a new chapter I am so excited :face_holding_back_tears:

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what are ppls thoughts about inviting PA curious friends to the townhall?? do we want to keep the first one small / for ppl who are tapped in?? or maybe its a rlly good spot to act as unofficial onboarding event??

i think im leaning towards being able to invite ppl to it would be rlly cool – but im not sure


I was thinking of making the town hall totally open to anyone. Maybe we can even tweet out the meet link?


PATH (Public Assembly Town Hall)
Wednesday, March 15 · 2:00 – 3:15pm EST
Video call link:


EST yeah? See y’all there.


Is there a place to sign up for timeslots? To know when certain things are being discussed if we cant make the whole meeting

Hard to say, because not sure how long each section is necessarily going to take. But it’s gonna follow this schedule (mostly):

Let me know if you want Mutual to come earlier or later in the townhall.

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Also working on the slides rn, will share it in like an hour. Feel free to add whatever you like to your slides if you are presenting

cc: @losingmyego @valcoholics @0xTranqui @thekidnamedkd @projectmehari


okay! will confirm soon ty!

Perfect! will do as well :raised_hands:

will be throwing stuff on re: financial/tax + blog era. thx for organizing

Here is the link to the townhall slides @valcoholics @losingmyego @0xTranqui @thekidnamedkd @projectmehari

I’ll have to grant edit access to some of you, so drop me a DM if I haven’t gotten to it.

Also there isn’t really a style guide for the townhalls yet, so feel free to just fill up + add more slides as you see fit. I may also go in and clean things up a bit, but feel free to add any comments/suggestions.

Ps. Dare i say #11854D feels like a strong new Public Assembly color?


PA #11854D spring arc :seedling:

wouldn’t be opposed to something a tad lighter for full effect

im not a designer tho

its giving cash app! love the energy of that color tho - wouldn’t mind seeing a small lean towards teal, +1 on the lighter

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