First Steps into the Prop House ecosystem

Help me come up with a better name. But I think this is where we start eyeing opportunities as a Contributor DAO, i.e.

I imagine we will not always have to work in tandem on these types of bounties, but just excited about exploring this avenue for us and how our work relates to the PA vision in general.

this is a great idea and also should be in one of the public categories (or its own categories) rather than our gated FF89DE channel

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Can you move topics? I am not an admin so I will not attempt to do so.

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I just switched this topic but Salief should get admin rights.

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@salief has been granted admin rights and @DBlodorn has had admin rights taken away

right now we are at a cap of 5 admins but we can pay for more in the future if we need

hope this is ok Dain :pensive:


Thank you for advocating for me.


Revisiting this. I do like how you described us as contributor DAO though…