[Forum Update] Changes and added features to the PA forum | Thursday Jan 13

New updates and features to the PA forum

  • Shared Drafts: Allow staff to collaborate on posts before publishing
  • Style Guide → Public Assembly
  • Whitelisted email domains: @public—assembly.com , @ourzora.com
  • No more email weekly digest, no more endless email notifications
    • You can opt into mailing list instead of automatically getting an email
  • No topics without categories
  • Now users can put the site in their own language
  • Whisper enabled for private conversations within groups
  • User status message enabled
  • User tips enabled
  • Sign in with Discord
  • Filters by topic status

New Groups and Opt in Groups

  • Study Group: Allows you to be in a private, Discord like chat, but you must be signed in to see.
  • Engineering Group: Email list for projects and opportunities

Proposed Categories:

- Announcements:

  • Calendar, “Forum at Glance”, Events, Bounties

- Governance:

  • Meta-Governance (Meeting Recordings), “Governance at Glance”, Proposals, Proposal Ideas, Delegates, Executed Updates, DAO Tool Convos, Opportunities, DAO-to-DAO, Holders Only, General Discussion

- Development

  • Rerouting people to the appropriate GitHub Discussion, Product Talk, New Releases, Open Source Resources, Research, Opportunities, General Discussion

- Design and Visual

  • Creators Corner, UX/UI, Creative Code, Curation, Research, Coworking, AI, Art General Discussion.

- Community

  • Introductions, Beginner Study, Project Share, Connect, Reading, Philosophy, General Discussion, Onboarding Chat Opt in

There is a Documentation page now for

  • Getting Started, How To, DAO Guide, Contributing Guide, FAQ

Removal of the Public Assembly Category:

It’s all Public Assembly.

if you want to talk about the curation protocol, other contracts, neosound, or the DAO, just use the appropriate titling and tags.

Suggested prepends to titles: [Question], [Need Help], [How To], [Explainer], [Discussion], [Template], [Public Call], [Concept], [Research], [Forum Update], [Event], [Proposal], [Draft], [Active Proposal], [Executable], [WIP], [Mindshare]

[Temp Check]: Ideas, get feedback on your idea before creating a formal proposal.

Add the proposal number to Proposals executed on-chain
Public Assembly Proposal #1 = [PAP1]

Things that could be cool but have yet to be defined:

Request for Proposal - Requests made from token holders
Request for Beta testers - Requests made from Development / Engineering groups
Request for Comments / Feedback - Needing next actionable steps or Requests made from those making proposal or seeking a delegation
Request for Initiative/Subgroups: ??

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the time has come !!

Im about to go ham on this if that’s cool with everyone— if anyone knows where to update the stylesheet?

I actually am realizing it’s autogenerated based off of the settings in the discourse currently, I think it would be more useful if discourse made it modular for teams that want to edit the page. I was disappointed when I saw there was no edits, but i can hit up the person that made this sheet.

It was a plugin idea that someone open sourced and got Discourse to merge it to be one of their core components