Free Figma Education plan

Here’s a life hack if you want to use the full potential of Figma without paying the full price: use the Figma Education Plan.

Follow these steps to do so:

As a Codecademy learner, you are eligible for Figma’s education plan, a free plan that includes premium features. Follow these steps to set up your Figma account and upgrade to the education plan.

  1. Open Figma’s website and sign up for a free account. When signing up, you will be asked “How will you primarily use Figma?”. Select “For teaching or taking a class.”

  2. Once you have a Figma account, you can upgrade to the Education plan. Open the Figma Education Sign Up page, and select the “Get Verified” button.

  3. Follow the steps to get verified for an education plan. When choosing an institution, select Codecademy from the dropdown menu.

When signing up for an Education Plan as a student, Figma will ask for a graduation date. To err on the safe side, we recommend putting a date around a year from today. There’s also an option to renew your Education plan later on if you find that you need it after completing this course!

  1. Once you have been verified for the Education plan, log in to your Figma account.

  2. Create a new team by selecting “Create new team”, which is on the left sidebar of the dashboard. Follow the steps to create a team. You can skip the “Add team members” step. When choosing a plan, select the Education plan.