Grants Beta Round (Spring 2023)

  1. TL;DR: Applying for the gitcoin grants round for the following categories :
  • Web3 Open Source Software
  • Web3 Community and education
  1. Introduction: The Gitcoin Grants Program is a quarterly initiative that empowers everyday believers to drive funding toward what they believe matters, with the impact of individual donations being magnified by the use of the Quadratic Funding (QF) distribution mechanism.

  2. Ask Details: Since we’re close to the deadline, I’ll take this opportunity to document as much as I can from the application process. This will help make things smoother for the next rounds. This Gitcoin notion document has further details

  3. Benefits: Additional funding to be directed to the treasury

  4. Timeline: Deadline to apply is April 22nd

  5. Budget: ** will post details as I come across them

Adding these two docs here for added context :

Web3 Community & Education Round Eligibility

I think this section goes exactly tied to the efforts @valcoholics has been stewarding for the last couple of months. I can take care of gathering essential info and put the application in motion.

Web3 Open Source Software Round Eligibility

  • Would Assembly Press be good fit here? If so, I’ll need the exact Github repository cc: @0xTranqui @junghwan

  • Would flexible be a good fit here? If so, I’ll need the exact GitHub repository
    cc: @salief @valcoholics


i think AP would be great here, this is the repo (repo includes link to walkthrough as well)


An update on this grant application

Unfortunately, I missed the deadline for this grant application because I thought the deadline was set in Eastern time, but it was actually set in UTC. I have created a Notion page containing most of the documentation from this process. We have already set up a builder profile, so there is no need to do this step again.

Here’s the profile page for the application: Gitcoin | Builder


this is still so good! we’ll get that app in soon enough

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Yo yo, we got accepted to the beta round for OSS with neume: Gitcoin | Explorer

I’m guessing from the above that there isn’t a PA one this time round, that’s a shame, but no worries there will be loads more going forwards. In fact, I’m hoping to work with the gitcoin guys to build a music/media specific round through gitcoin later in the year, which we should all scheme about!


I will provide some excellent examples of social media posts that could inspire how Public Assembly communicates in future grant proposals.

  1. 0x Salon
  2. H.E.R DAO