Grants/Fellowship opportunities

Hey everyone,

I came across this neat fellowship program at Dweb Camp , with a deadline to apply on March 15th.

Here’s a bit more information about it.

Our DWeb Fellows program invites outstanding individuals who are creating or employing technologies in ways that uplift communities facing systemic inequality and help bring about justice and social equity through network technologies.

Our DWeb Fellows program invites outstanding individuals who are creating or employing network technologies in ways that uplift communities facing systemic inequality and help bring about justice and social equity. Fellows will be expected to:

  • Attend an online orientation before the event.
  • Share their knowledge, skills, or experience with other DWeb Campers, by giving a talk and/or leading a workshop or discussion during the event.
  • Write or give a presentation of their reflections following the event at a DWeb meetup.

Those who are awarded the fellowship will receive a stipend of up to $2200 to cover costs of meals and travel, in addition to free registration and accommodations at Camp Navarro.


The deadline was extended to March 22nd, please take advantage of this speaking oppurtunity


Open Call: Rhizome Microgrants 2023

The Rhizome Microgrant Program has awarded small grants ($500 - $1500) for the creation of new artworks, online exhibitions, and other web-based projects.

The goal of this program is to empower anyone who has an idea for a creative project that responds to network culture and digital technologies to make it.

The deadline to apply is 11:59pm ET, April 10, 2023. Responses will be sent out in mid May.


this thread is awesome plz keep it up

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This is a great thread, thank u @projectmehari for starting this

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got tipped off by @losingmyego on new round of fellowships from the Ethereum Foundation. looks like apps close April 28


Page 2 of the application form for anyone that’s considering it.


Applications are now open until April 17th, 2023.

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The Variant Founder Fellowship is designed for emerging founders (pre-seed or earlier) who have an existing idea or prototype and need support bringing it to the next level.

We are looking for founders who are crypto-native and actively contributing to the web3 ecosystem. Fellows can be working on their projects full- or part-time, but with an eye toward jumping in full-time to bring their project to life.

PS. just a messenger on this!

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Would someone like to apply for the Gitcoin “Web3 Community & Education” round on behalf of PA? Would be cool to have more funds in the treasury dedicated to education.

Applications completed by today are guaranteed to be reviewed before the round starts, but can be submitted as late as the 21st. Kinda short notice, so maybe this is just a heads-up to get the ball rolling for next time.

cc/ @valcoholics @estmcmxci ??


cc @salief @projectmehari


I’ll take a look at this !

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busy sprinting on blog stuff but down to help generate/review copy lmk

cc @losingmyego do u have the copy for the app we submitetd to dao drops handy?

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the gitcoin notion page is straight fire!! didn’t know this existed. Thanks for sharing @neatonk !

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I’ll move this convo to the proposal categories and started a new thread, since this one is more of job board thread.

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Good call.

Just seeing this now… if we didn’t get a chance to apply to this round, we can look to apply to the next one.

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Innovate Grant is thrilled to introduce our newly increased award amounts of $1,800.00. Innovate Grant awards (2) $1,800.00 grants each quarter , to one Visual Artist and one Photographer. In addition, (6) honorable mentions (3 in art and 3 in photo), will be featured on our website and join a growing community of vibrant and talented artists.

Deadline to apply: June 22, 2023

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Not too familliar with the Solana ecosystem but they just announced a $10M Grant Fund.

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Berlin Builders residency (September 2023) - Sponsored by Gitcoin & Protocol labs

GM everyone,

I came across this really neat residency in Berlin for anyone who’s interested in participating in research toward decentralized funding models. If anyone is interested, hit me up and I can help out with the application details. The requirements are the following:

The number of participants is limited, and applicants should have:

  • EITHER a solid technical background with experience in Web2 or Web3 projects
  • OR a robust generalist technical background (math/CS/engineering) with a keen interest in understanding and working on public goods infrastructure
  • Reviewed a list of potential projects and focus areas for the residency, which includes public goods funding infrastructure, impact evaluators, impact certification systems, and other elements of a public goods funding stack.

Residency Details

To support our attendees, room and board will be covered for the entire duration of the residency. Additionally, scholarships for flight costs will be available based on need through an application process.


1-30 September 2023. Residents should plan to be in Berlin for the full duration of the residency.


Berlin, Germany. The residency will take place in a comfortable environment conducive to creativity and productivity. We are still in process of securing the venue for the residency. Check back for updates!


We will cover room and board. Scholarships for flight costs are also available based on need and through an application process.

Areas of Focus

We welcome projects in, but not limited to, the following areas:

  • Public goods funding infrastructure (Quadratic Funding, Retroactive Funding, etc.)
  • Impact evaluators
  • Impact certification systems


Over the course of the month, we will host a series of workshops, lightning talks, and collaboration sessions designed to facilitate knowledge sharing and foster a sense of community. Expect to leave the residency with a rich network of contacts, profound insights, and meaningful contributions to the public goods funding ecosystem.


Residents are expected to contribute to the public goods funding ecosystem through their projects. The output should ideally include an open-source software tool, library, or system, along with a well-documented repository. We also encourage participants to share their knowledge through blog posts or presentations at future Funding the Commons events.

Interested in participating? Apply now as space is limited! Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, with priority given to early submissions. Join us and be part of the movement to build a more equitable and sustainable world!

Areas of Focus

We welcome projects in, but not limited to, the following areas:


For anyone that wants to hear about the turnout on Dweb Camp, New public did a debrief of interesting projects that were presented at their event