Help with Public comms re: founders alloc + veto

getting this post up to start a convo on how we want to handle public comms of the changes we have had/ potentially have coming up re: founders allocation + veto

for those who are not aware, PA officially has no founders allocations anymore following the passing + execution of this proposal. further steps to reduce centralization of governance controls potentially include removing the veto, and declaring the DAO as an UNA (great post on Builder DAO forum about UNAs. starting to see many examples of UNAs out in the wild including Cabin which I just learned went the UNA route recently)

all of the above seem important to communicate more publicly (initially through our twitter account which is our largest public platform, although other platforms are in development).

open call for input on how we address the founders allocation removal which has already gone thru, as well as plans to put thru proposals to remove veto/form UNA + how to communicate those as well !! EDIT: like literally post what u think we should be tweeting below plz/thx


still doing the video/edition?

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yea gonna post tm to give some space to the Mutual call today – its prepped tho. may be our last L1 drop ever?

hm ok!

Back to this, the townhall itself is what you meant by annoucement?

nah separate things. Tweeting video recording of last town hall. and then we should figure out additional comms re founders alloc + veto. planning on getting that first tweet out in like 2-3 hours when I’m back on comp

  1. :classical_building: Public Assembly no longer has any founder’s allocations after the passing and execution of this proposal.

  1. A Founder’s Allocation refers to tokens periodically dispersed to the project’s founding contributors, incentivizing their early involvement and dedication in overcoming initial hurdles. However, as the PA ecosystem has now expanded to include 63+ token holders and 80+ forum members and we are actively reshaping what the contribution plane looks like

  2. The removal of the founder’s allocation enhances the project’s decentralization efforts, reducing the influence of centralized entities like the founding team and Zora Labs.

  3. With this move, Public Assembly embraces a more robust structure that reflects the current values of the growing community. See you onchain.


thank u sm for this. will plan on posting tm to give ppl time for any remaining suggestions, and give some space for the path 2 drop to breathe

Post never went up?

never went up!! been wildly busy — v down for someone else to hit it if ppl around around/want to