Is our name [not] Sprint Team 1

Starting this to talk about the name for the OG seven. Neo was one that was mentioned. Also FF89DE.

On the topic of FF89DE being hard to say per @0xTranqui - I think its a minor thing. This ecosystem mostly types/reads. Also a natural nickname could emerge for verbal. (e.g - everyone at FWB fest was calling dj/producer oneohtrix point never just OPN)


Yeah it seems like sprint team one will be hard to leave our vocabulary even if on paper we were “FF89DE”. Open to more names.

coming around to FF89DE a bit more because once we all get comfortale with it/have it memorized, it could sound cool that we can all speak this bit of hexcode fluidly

if I had to learn one way or the other I think I would choose FF89DE over Neo rn as there is more closely tied to meaning/product of PA so far, but want to keep exploring this.

I think its actually VERY important we come up with a name that we like so we can craft a very strong team image that will be key for serving as a model for other teams, so dont think this is something we should gloss over

Personally Neo feels very uninspiring/unoriginal. I think the hex-code is not great either as it does not come off the tongue easily. Just because we can say it doesn’t really mean that other people will become familiar with saying it or be able to talk about it/us with ease.