January 1st [Surprise PA Zorb Drop]

Since reconfiguring the auction duration from 72hrs → 24hrs on Sunday, I’m sure many of you have felt the excitement of the next token very palpable this week. Seeing that token #30, a milestone for Public Assembly’s first month onchain serendipitously lands on January 1st, I’ve been thinking about a DAO drop containing every single Zorb that is used in the Public Assembly governance artwork. Think this could be a cool way to proliferate the artwork to newcomers, and provide another way to participate in the early provenance of Public Assembly. Additionally, could be really cool nod to the original zorb that was released impromtu by ZORA on January 1st 2022.

Interested to hear your thoughts on it


@junghwan palpable’s a GREAT use of vocab for how it’s felt fr.
PA specific auctions have been my first/only personal interactions with a bid format so maybe bias, but they’ve been the most exciting with the most interesting art I’ve observed in the space & commemorating such by spotlighting #30 right out the gate for '23 is a cool idea


love the reference to Jan 1 2022. love the idea but slightly guarded about sharing all of the artwork ahead of time – do u think it diminishes the surprise factor of the auction? maybe it could be framed as building anticipation to certain drops.

something this just made me think of was… what if we launched a bunch of new zorb layers into the daily auctions on jan 1 alongside an edition that showed of the new layers?

What I initially thought you meant was a collage of all the Zorbs previously dropped. 30 blocks, each from a different PA governance token, pieced together to make a new one. Noting that as an option but have no idea if it’ll actually look good once executed.

Yeah I thought about that as well, but given that we still have more than a 1000 days of runway for the artwork, trading surprise for a chance to participate in the early provenance outside of the governance tokens I think will be massive. Could also create some interesting collector dynamics.

I haven’t put too much thought into adding new layers, but I think it could be done compellingly two ways:

  1. Add new layers in the same style as the current artwork, which effectively just expands the unique combinations while also reducing repeated backgrounds/zorbs.
  2. Add totally new styles into the current artwork, but will need to be delicate balance between maintaining the existing visual idea while pushing new boundaries. Additionally, the layers will have to have a certain level of compatibility with the generative element of the artwork.

I’m in favor of both ideas, but the only judgement here is timing. I think option 1 can potentially come for Jan 1st, but option 2/“season 2” will have to wait until that initial provenance of Public Assembly is built and ready to be moved on.

I feel like something like the zorb drop site could be really cool especially if we had a view toggle where it goes from the default view (like you see on zorb.dev) to something like a collage view. And we can add token #'s to zorbs/backgrounds that’s already been generated to the default view as well.

@0xTranqui creative coding ?? hehe