Making our own indexer

Will fill people in more but wanted to get these links out

Rlly quick loom overview: link

New repo: link

tldr experiment in making our own indexer to aggregate assembly press events and store them on arweave and then link an nft so all the info is easily trackable


Backend brained.

Nice! We were literally talking about pushing data to arweave via bundlr on the open office last week. Very interested in how that works!

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manifesting a world where neume posts the results of all of its crawling every X blocks/seconds to arweave and then provides a simple sdk to scrape for what your interested in :sparkles: :sparkles: :sparkles:


Lens just dropped their Momoka L3 repo which uses arweave as a DA layer and inspired the initial efforts on this. sharing in case helpful: GitHub - lens-protocol/momoka: Open source code showing how you can verify the DA claims are true

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This is where our discussion is atm. We have recently moved from levelDB to SQL for outputting data, but it’s still very much in discussion on what the best model is.

Any and all input appreciated!


We have touched on this lightly in the past, but gonna re-link into the discussion as it does feel like there potentially something here…