Sup Public Assembly

I stumbled on this group project called Microsolidarity, here’s a TLDR below:

Microsolidarity is a community-building practice. We’re weaving the social fabric that underpins shared infrastructure.

The first objective of microsolidarity is to create structures for belonging . We are stitching new kinship networks to shift us out of isolated individualism into a more connected way of being. Why? Because belonging is a superpower : we’re more courageous & creative when we “find our people”.

The second objective is to support people into meaningful work. This is very broadly defined: you decide what is meaningful to you. It could be about your job, your family, or community volunteering. Generally, life is more meaningful when we are being of benefit to others , when we know how to contribute, when we can match our talents to the needs in the world.

I am planning to join their Practice Program, which consists of four 90-minute group sprints held over two weeks. The themes of working in small groups, initiating more learning, mutual aid, and creating a sense of belonging within a community are super relevant to public assembly. I will be taking notes and am open to sharing any takeaways with you all. Maybe even a PA blog post soon? CC: @junghwan @0xTranqui

Also if anyone wants to join me! feel free to DM

Link: Practice Program - Microsolidarity

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That is a cool initiative, looking forward to hearing about what you learn from that experience.

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very curious to hear about your experience, big dan of their framework. I’ve attended a few of their members calls and folks seem very sweet around there.

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Definitely ! will keep you all in the loop :slight_smile: