Midjourney experiments

some midjourney experiments me and @dannydiamonds did last night. share yours too !!

prompts included:

“ the pristine midnight ice fields beneath the glaring Twin Moons of Kratin before the Battle of Izuka 7712 XI”

“ hajime sorayama illustration of a robot empress enjoying dinner in her volcano dining room made of puzzle pieces”

‘In “The Mustard Cat” by Hayao Miyazaki, the pink furred, sabertooth demon king “Acula” sits in a Sakura tree surrounded by flickering blue and yellow flames’


Imagining worlds. The first image is is a wounded healer returning to his city after all has happened to it. Just nothing left. The second image is trying my share at unreal engine as a prompt.


Flowers, cartoons, space ghosts, and Demons. Interested in drawing over these to flesh out the initial thought. Happy thanksgiving!