Mutual Design Framework

MUTUAL has been on my mind for a while.

The high level thinking here is something I’ve talked about in interviews or public convos a lot this year – that without good design, there will be no mass adoption. Ultimately, I believe that the work we do in this space deserves mass recognition and relevancy, so what can we do to contribute to that goal?

Have been feeling the drive for some time now to share more product design thinking about the decentralized space. A seemingly perpetual complaint is the restriction of bad design on accessing decentralized experiences. If a framework is created to help designers/builders align on best practices, we can establish a baseline of (good) design and provide tools to accelerate creative thinking on top of unified systems + patterns.

So, MUTUAL is an attempt to answer all of this. I plan on working this idea out further/publicly, and start submitting proposals on building it in stages.

Decentralized designers utilizing a framework funded through Public Assembly also helps to spread the Zora 1% initiative further into expanded internet presence.

MUTUAL will be in part–

  1. An online library of thoughts/practices on making user experience decisions in the decentralized design space
  2. A series of Figma design libraries accessible to all
  3. An open-source Github design repo that will act as an evolving partner to the Pubic Assembly on-chain theming module we are building
  4. A standardized design system for all Public Assembly templates, accessible to all cc @salief
  5. Probably more, still sorting it out.

–Amendment 12/5/22 11:00 EST –

  1. MUTUAL will align with the Education initiative led by @valcoholics, I can see an ecosystem of crossover content, along with MUTUAL providing assistance to help fufill the PA design documentation sections.

More to come, watch out for a metablog on this likely.


Excited for this! Where should we look out for the metablog, in this discourse?

reference: metablogging

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Good call— plan on doing that in Notion, but maybe pulling out some pieces to continue updating the discourse on progress. Also realizing it could make sense to make a tag for Mutual here

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Something HUGE I left out of that initial post @valcoholics – is how this all ties back to the Education sub-DAO/initiative as well. I think these two ecosystems will have a lot of crossover and utilize materials from each space.

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Tangentially related thing I saw, Nader with some great thinking on making UI packages that abstract more than just standard styling stuff

This is sick. Potentially providing a way to pull in PA created components built on something like, say, the Curation Protocol. Am I understanding that correctly in regards to the possibilities (outside of styles)?

I should have referenced the specific tweet but was more interested in the exploration of what “templates” u can actually provide

yes u can provide style templates, but what about code pattern templates for interacting with an API, with ethereum, with curation protocol, etc. How does that interact with the UI components, and the design system as a whole


“Light Patterns”

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Woahhhhhh. Oh shit this is blowing my mind— @salief

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This plugin site for squarespace was tremendously helpful for me to start thinking outside of the template for what I wanted to create for my own website a while back.

I think we could start resolving this by having the best library of components/frameworks for both design and code, allowing people to slowly fill in the pieces. Could be a cool recurring design&code talk/session @losingmyego ?


Essentially bookmarking these here.

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Bookmark them to the board also!

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Custom Unicode symbol submissions. Big dreams for MUTUAL on this one, looking to stamp some historic icon patterns for the web3 space.

What universal icons do you all see missing from the decentralized space? For me - it’s Mint, Connect wallet, and Burn transaction

Etherscan logo so people can go to the blockchain from whatever they are doing

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(WIP) Notion Database for MUTUAL - if you’re interested in contributing take a look


Adding this as a refererence that might be helpful MUTUAL ( shoutout @valcoholics for sharing on twitter).

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It was wild to me how many links are broken / don’t lead to a resource. Too much fluff

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prob my favorite artcile of the bunch - great read - Web3 Design Principles. A framework of UX rules for Blockchain… | by beltran | Medium

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