Neume <> PA discussion

Hi all, starting a dedicated thread to discuss how we can bring neume and PA closer together, with the goal of indexing PA contracts.

This was first brought up by @0xTranqui in reference to blog templates, which represents a useful use case, but the topic is likely large enough to warrant deep discussion on its own thread as things develop.

Introduction to neume

neume is open source infrastructure with a goal to make it easy to innovate and impossible to gatekeep access to data (see my tweet thread here for context) within the web3 ecosystem. It has been incubated by HIFI Labs and designed around the needs of the emerging “web3 music” ecosystem.

I am not especially technical, and we are way behind where we should be on documentation (@estmcmxci is spearheading the documentation stream now), but if you’re interested in digging around the crawler repo is a good place to start.

Fundamentally, neume works in a similar way to snapshot strategies. Anyone can write and propose a viable strategy and it will be direct the crawler to index NFT data based on the parameters included ( e.g. chain , address and tokenId).

I’m sure that @neatonk can provide more context though, and we have “neume open offices” every Thursday @ 4pm CET in the HIFI discord, which any and everyone is welcome to attend and ask questions!

neume <> PA

If neume is indexing events, then PA and the curation protocol is providing context to those events. This, for me, is the basis for something really exciting and an opportunity to bring together two open-source projects with shared values to the net benefit of both.

What this looks like, from my high-level / probably ignorant perspective, is a series of strategies pointed towards curation protocol contracts so they are picked up by the neume crawler.

It likely also brings about useful requirements as we are developing out neume’s architecture, expanding and generalising it, and may infact lead to a decoupling of the output from the crawler, i.e. there is a music NFTs database, curation database etc. I’m not sure right now, but this feels like the perfect place to discuss!

Anyway, that’s enough of a lead in. What do you guys think?


see screenshot for my general response to why i am so excited about this. PA needs to figure out how to manage integrations like this for us to grow our impact. thank u sm @djfnd for giving us the download !!


I’m curious to hear more about this!

one million times this

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A good example is the currently on-going discussion regarding requirements that indexing Lens presents, specifically its utilisation of “pubID” rather than “tokenID”. neume 2.1 ? · Issue #7 · neume-network/crawler · GitHub

Quoting Vaibhav directly:

Lens protocol breaks some of our assumptions. Everything has been designed with NFTs in mind. For example, we use the term tokenId in our code whereas lens publications are not NFTs and do not have a tokenId . They use pubId for publication ID. The people who collect the publication are minted an NFT."

I would expect that there will be similar requirements to neume architecture that surface from this discussion

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this is very interesting

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Update from the neume weekly open office yesterday.

Vaibhav is progressing the next architecture update, which will have a proposal write-up soon. PA input into this would be great as it would be the first step of finding that common edge between builds. I have linked the Assembly Press walkthrough to the group to help with this, but, ideally, comments on the neume architecture proposal would be helpful also.

Separately, I am pushing forwards with moving neume to discourse, as the project needs to be more open to cross-community pollination. Hoping to push that forwards very soon.


Planning to be at the office hours next week. :sparkles:


thx for the update — will be there next week :saluting_face:

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I’d like to be there as well! Can we pin the details to this thread?

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Yes definitely, I am in the process of setting up a new one as the old one was locked to my old hifi email, but until then this one works -


Hey @djfnd – just wanted to confirm time here because I added calendar and have the Hifi cal too. One is at 3PM and one is 4PM UTC+1. Things been a little murky on my cal lately with rolling daylight savings.

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OK the new link is here -

(Let me know if that works, publishing google cals is always a bit funky).

Yeah, so it’s based about CET (4pm CET), so for this week that’ll be an hour earlier for all you people already living in summer already, but will be back to normal next week when we join you in the sun.

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