NEW PRODUCT ALERT --- PACreator + ArtifactMachine

In the following weeks PA will be releasing a new nft contract factory that extends the zora contracts and sets us up to deliver tons of custom + opinionated functionality (ex: token blogs) that zora does not currently deliver

Without going into too much detail yet, we could use some help with the naming system. Currently we have:

– PACreator (ZoraNFTCreatorV1 equivalent)
– PACreatorProxy (ZoraNFTCreatorProxy equivalent)

if u could have ur dream arch name what would it be?

some examples of (non zora) stuff thats out there:
– Metalabel - CollectionFactory.sol
– Foundation - NFTCollectionFactory.sol
– OpenSea - SeaDrop.sol (this is actually kinda nice)
– Manifold - ERC721Creator.osl

these are boringggggggggg. what should our contract names be + what should the repo that our architecture lives in be called?

View this topic thread for more context:


Rep could be called ”Reference Zero” as the original before the derivative. Also could be a play on ”0x”


this is a good angle


Is ArtifactMachine the name of the system and is PACreator just one part of that system?

Asking because ArtifactMachine would be a good name for PACreator. A few more names and other useful words that could be used to describe what PACreator does and what it creates…

  • Artifactory (fun but kinda cheesy)
  • ArtifactCreator
  • Assembler => Assembly
  • Press => Pressing
  • Printer => Print, Printing
  • Router
  • Portal
  • ???

PACreator (wtv it ends up getting called) is the foundational contract from which all other architectures (including ArtifactMachine) will flow out of. It calls the setupDropsContract from the ZoraNFTCreatorProxy and passes in custom information that lets us create differentiated utility than currently provided by Zora Editions + Drops

Printer is cool, also a Press, + Assembly. Like router as well too

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AssemblyPress … on some printing press vibes? the new version of the Associated Press? :smiling_imp:

@junghwan + @losingmyego this is in reference to the name of the contract that lets u create configurable nft contracts from Public Asssembly

And then the name of the submodules that provide different architectures could be:
– Artifactory
– TokenBlogger (@DBlodorn u liking this name?)
– DemoRecorder
– InternetUniversity (cc @valcoholics what we callin this)


Not sure how to ask this question but what would have to happen to make all artifacts auction-able by default, like…can svg art made onchain be curated from somewhere else…before its live and still be auctionable?

artifacts are just normal erc721s (using zora-drops-contracts) so they are auctionable by default. makes me realize we should maybe add a “triggerAuction” function from Publisher.sol for 1/1 auctioning, on top of the “promoteToEditions” functon

i dont get ur second question tho.

can i preemptively curate a nouns auction before its live so its automatically listed inside my curation contract and then shows up on my auction site or is that a waste of a Listing to do it like that

you’d just be curating a specific token right? and then ur frontend site would have some logic to show off an auctionUI if it has an active auction going for it? if so yea that makes sense to me, not sure if that’s what ur asking tho

EDIT: you would just need some front end logic that has a rendering vslue for before the token exists. Feels a lil weird to be curating tokenIds that don’t exist yet but there’s nothing stopping u from doing so ik contract

Also noticed u said nouns auction in the last message rather than normal auction, which makes me more confused