New Release Friday

Hey everyone, I’ve got a weekly ritual I would like to share with the community. Every Friday, I listen to new music album releases I find on Album of The Year; it’s been a routine of mine since I first started my journey as an independent artist manager / A&R – (2017). This week, I am listening to Lil Yachty’s new project “Let’s Start Here” and I am completely enthralled, enamored and inspired by his latest work.

I am currently giving the project it’s first listen, as I type and share this message with you. The project sounds like what would happen if Tame Impala’s “Currents” had been produced on a lean-binge, on some far away, post-apocalyptic island society (paradise?). Have a listen and let me know if you are all vibing to this one!



Will drop thoughts after I listen but currently vibing to :(failure:(.

In the process of listening through this album as well. Also have a musical background as an independent artist. Been loving the instrumentation but Yachty’s runs are a hit or miss for me. The first song sounded a lot like a big Pink Floyd rip. Will return with more thoughts after a full listen.

Yo that’s awesome! I am listening to “Tangerine Dream” right now, really tight mix! Would love to know about any upcoming drops if you’re planning any.

Yeah, I can agree. I think it was a cool moment for Lil Yachty to try something completely left field though. I can definitely see hxc fans being super into though!

This past week I’ve had this new song by Riz La Vie on repeat! Also, had on repeat @thepark’s first music nft drop from the dao “where does the time go” by “being there”… we just collected #23 too!

What new releases have you been listening to this week?


Jadu Heart - Derealised. Melancholic vibes mixed with dance beats / ethereal pop - their most cohesive body of work to date. Am fully in love. Standout tracks : Sway, Webs, Freedom

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Thanks for listening man! Must confess I never finished the yachty album. I’m a yachty fan and am glad to hear him experiment but it just wasn’t my favorite work of his.

OMG. Love Jadu!

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maybe im just old but tried so hard to listen to this and yeah…I need to hear the album at a festival to really get into it…

Listening now… to be honest, I could never get into Yeat. I haven’t been able to find a way into it. Might keep it on rotation today while I’m on the keyboard.

Gorillaz just dropped their 8th (!) album “Cracker Island” :rofl:; I quite enjoyed it, really! I especially love Silent Running and Baby Queen. It’s def. Damon’s most pop-leaning work.

Watching their Apple Music special gives it another feel, you can sense the gravitas behind Damon’s work producing Gorillaz record’s alongside greats like Thundercat, Stevie Nick and Adeleye Omotayo. Damon Albarn: Studio Tour, 'Cracker Island' & Coachella | Apple Music - YouTube

It’s too bad, Damon seems like a bit of a luddite; he said that he would rather not “dabble in the dark arts of the internet”; a Gorillaz NFT project would be insane!


Masego self titled


new 6lack single is great

Masego can do no wrong! Thanks for sharing this, it went under the radar last week. Bumping it all day during my office time at Devoción in Brooklyn :]

Yeah, I agree @0xTranqui, new 6LACK is a vibe! My favorite release of this NMF is Calvin Harris’ collab with Ellie Goulding (I know lol), check it out!

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Amaarae never misses

Woww she blew up. Remember I got some people from Motown Records interested in her back when I was consulting for them in 2020. They kind of blew her off. Their mistake! She’s amazing.

This week, I gotta spin Rosalia and Lana Del Rey; some of my favorite fem artists fr!

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beso video is too wholesome

Spring is here


eyoo this is a vibe; playing it rn. thank you for sharing.



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