Open Project Idea -- Generalized Transaction Builder

Generalized contract interaction interfaces are becoming more important as DAOs + multisigs slowly take over. Abstracted flows to do certain things are great (like deploying drops, registering ENS, etc), but having the freedom to do ANYTHING on ethereum is powerful. This ability is one of the core features of the most popular “multiplayer” crypto apps today (Party Bid, Safe, Nouns Builder).

The Idea:

What if we built an open-source, modular (lives in an npm package) transaction builder that:

  • resulted in an SDK (catchy name tbd) that VASTLY simplifies the process of fetching contract ABIs + interacting with contract functions + npm package that lets ppl insert this functionality into their site + easy to style
  • primary focus to help ppl submit proposals to nouns style daos to do ANYTHING
  • leveraged for multi contract abi fetching. fully open source repo
  • used as initial UX inspo. fully open source repo
  • provided abstracted flows to do activities we believe are a few UX improvements away from being an essential part of everyday crypto (drops as a DAO, ENS as a DAO, curation as a DAO, etc)

Anyone interested?


Feel like this is related GitHub - blacksmith-eth/blacksmith: 🔨 An adaptive frontend for smart contract interaction

I haven’t done much digging but wanted to try it out.

I like this idea, and I think we can come up with a pretty robust list of many of the important DAO level interactions.

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Yeah, I like this direction. It’s good to start specific then generalize when you have a few concrete outputs to work with. I think you’re there but am not sure.

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I was thinking abitype would be useful for this and it looks like blacksmith is using it too.

I was also reminded of midwit, but not sure what came of that.

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wow I had totally forgot about the mirror thing. the UI is so clean and they already have proxy support. this might be the place to start …

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