PA coming into focus

Wanted to share some disparate feelings/observations ive had over the past few months working across various projects at PA. it seems like we are starting to move out of a phase characterized by a missing feeling of group direction/clarity/focus (pointed out on this post on February 7), and into one where efforts are starting to coalesce around a few main objectives (idk if objective is the right word). those objectives seem to be:

  1. Educational working groups + group info sharing + library building (post post and post and post post)
  2. Onchain information distribution/management protocol + applications (post post and post)
  3. MUTUAL – design framework, educational content, research, etc (post)

Other relevant objectives also seem to include:

  1. running/maintaining our own communal interfaces (forum management, PA home site – revamp via Flexible coming soon)
  2. PA/its members as an agency – aka P@gency – running workshops, building/forking infrastructure for others, advising/consulting for other projects, etc
  3. producing original content/art/writing/etc

i dont rlly have a purpose for saying any of this, other than wanting to share that my growing understanding of what PA is doing has been helpful for my own work + when I am communicating about PA to others as I try to connect the dots between various projects/people.

this still feels like a rough breakdown/mapping – and maybe it will always be like that due to the natural ebb and flow of projects/peoples attention/etc – so if others have any ideas/feedback/insights to what this might mean please feel free to share

side note: very excited to link everyone coming to NY this week!! got in last friday and its been great catching up with ppl so far :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing @0xTranqui

I’ve personally been thinking a lot about how we all can continue to provide context for all the various things going on at Public Assembly. Especially as we gear up towards creating tools that are designed as infrastructure (to be used, and built upon) (AssemblyPress ~ MUTUAL).