PA in X words - Mission and Values

Public Assembly is a self-defining collection of interdependent builders. Public Assembly encourages people to collaborate on ideas with the goal of creating things with iterative value.

Consists of educators, designers, engineers, organizers, activists and those without titles, those with many titles, individuals who engage with the Internet as a substrate to be added upon.

Public Assembly in 10 words:

Public Assembly simplifies design problems to expedite curiosity

Public Assembly in 100 words:

Public Assembly simplifies design problems to expedite curiosity. We value iterative processes and embrace intuitive solutions. By identifying incongruities around us, we attract motivated individuals and equip them with the resources to create what’s missing. We emphasize education, promote interdependence, and celebrate firsts to maintain an accessible environment that increases the probability of participation. Prioritizing core values over transient opportunities establishes a circle of trust where growth occurs naturally and ideas pass freely between collaborators.

What is Public Assembly Doing?

  • Forming a DAO via Nouns Builder

  • Developing Assembly Press (full stack onchain application framework)

  • Educational programming (How to DAO, How to Internet, etc)

  • Open-source templates

    • Neosound - released October 2022

    • [REDACTED] - releasing January 2023

  • Moderating a public forum

What is Public Assembly’s relationship to ZORA?

The first onchain iteration of PA will rely on nouns style governance to facilitate collective management of a shared treasury. ZORA will receive 10% of the governance power. 3/7 members in the Public Assembly founding team are full time employees at ZORA.

More Clarifications

  • Public Assembly is where very talented creators meet to build “the thing” in public. These things are high-impact, need-filling builds that could help the builder in their individual journey, something that they may have felt was missing all along.
  • What is “missing” is up to the squad to decide. The squad exists to hack, remix apps, and document process.
  • FF89DE is not the only squad that exists to create what’s missing within PA
  • A strong philosophy is to drop seeds for the next person to pick up.
  • Public assembly is dedicated to the manifestation of more creativity but is also in alignment with the ethos of building hyperstructures as protocols. Optimized working groups allow people to find where they fit and grow.
  • Cross collaboration among internet builders is encouraged.
  • There are many brilliant people and qualified builders in the space who don’t have the resources to publish their hard work or pass it forward when it’s truly valuable information.
  • This is a public good, a community-owned pool used for internet infrastructure for public education and curation that helps solve one of the issues with open-source models. People can also define what they want to see.

How is Public Assembly Structured

A: Modified orbit model

initially cowritten by team FF89DE