[PAP10] Experimental Beta Testing Bounty

TL;DR: Conduct a small scale beta testing round for the DAO utils package

Our team has developed modular react hooks for the Nouns Build Protocol. @public-assembly/dao-utils - npm https://dao-utils-next.vercel.app/

To ensure its success, I am proposing a beta testing round to gather diverse feedback and identify any potential issues.

Ask Details:

  • My proposed approach is to conduct a beta testing round that involves selecting 10 testers from this form Participant Request at different backgrounds and experience levels.
  • They will be asked to complete curated tasks using our package specifically aimed at scenarios involving the DAO Utils auction and proposal components, as well as react hooks for the Zora Nouns Protocol.
  • The tasks will be located in a boilerplate repository, designed to be completed in under an hour, and the open submission period for further feedback will be 2 weeks.
  • The preferred method of submission will be through pull request or issues on the official DAO utils repository, however feedback can be sent within the forum working group.


This beta testing round will bring significant benefits to our organization. It will allow us to ensure that our package operates seamlessly on all systems and experience levels, while also improving the user experience and identifying opportunities for growth. Ultimately, this will lead to wider adoption of our package.


This proposed beta testing round will be conducted in two phases.

  • The first phase involves the selection of the 10 testers, setting up the working group in the governance forum, and providing access to the boilerplate repository.
  • The second phase involves the completion of the curated tasks and documentation of any issues encountered. We will communicate regularly with our testers by email and in the Public Assembly Forum. The round starts the following Monday if this proposal succeeds.


Requesting 3 ETH The breakdown of the estimated costs is as follows:

  • 0.25 ETH incentive for each of the 10 testers,
  • 0.5 ETH for boilerplate, task creation, project management, and communications.
    The funds will be distributed to FF89DE multi-sig, with signers from the founding team of Public Assembly.

just read through this, is the form open for submission rn?

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this may be my favorite proposal yet

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im sure ur already thinking of this, but would love for us to be able to record/archive/store/share as much of the learnings + teachings from this program as possible. ongoing projects like pa mint house + blog might serve as great foundations to fork and turn into a nice edu platform


yeah it’s open if you click on it you can submit

could you clarify a little more on this message, a moderated test would look like a video call with developers that could be documented and unmoderated would be participants submitting looms/screen recordings

because I stated in the prop that compensation for moderation would only be 0.5 ETH I am leaning towards unmoderated because the other side of that looks like 10 one-hour calls, even though being on the phone and being able to ask developers on their choices during completing the tasks would probably give richer feedback,

The tasks wouldn’t be testing if someone can use “npm install” but more like

"Starting at a given url, (ex. docs.public---assembly.com):

  • Record yourself following this getting started guide, submit final result.

  • Here’s some reference code, submit a pull request changing the color of this component, or displaying token data in this div element using the nouns protocol hook"

but I’ll put more thought into it.

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Also want to add that I used the word “product” but I view code as a product which may actually be confusing. What I’m describing here can be described as developer experience testing as opposed to user testing on an interface.

Sorry for the mix up.

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this made sense to me!! code + ux decisions + opinionated patterns are all products imo.

to respond to ur previous q, i mainly am just calling out that it would be great if their could be some “meta” documentation that takes place; thinking things like posting particpant feedback publicly (as long as they sign they are ok with that – anonymously would be fine with most ppl?), what the process looks like to conduct a user research survey, maybe of u breaking down the feedback live or providing analysis of it (other ppl could help with that too i imagine? dont mean to expand the scope). if this content needed to live somewhere, we could fork the mint house / blog template potentially to give it a real home

honestly my call for this was unncessary bc ik you are on top of process documentaiton, i guess im just calling this out so other ppl can see the types of things that PA has emphasized historically

just voted on this one :man_dancing:t5:


re productizing docs: https://everydeveloper.com/developer-tool-homepages/

Getting consent forms together for the recording part but I found this extensive framework during reading on DX

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re this note, silently returned the funds for this Prop in March with the exception of compensation for labor because the idea was too premature.

The package that this was supposed to focus on is now funded by Builder DAO and maintained by @salief. The notion and outline is still open as a resource for anyone that wants to explore it


I see ! thanks for the update