[PAP12] Prepping Collection to host PA Townhall 1

Status: Active
Context: First PA Townhall
Votes: Onchain - Voting Active
Authors: @0xTranqui


Deploying a ZORA edition collection with blank metadata that will be updated to host the contents from the recording of Public Assembly’s first townhall that is currently scheduled to take place this Wednesday, March 15 2023.

The proposal wont be executable until ~ March 21, so we’ll have a week to edit the recording in advance of the release of the collection.

Tranqui.eth is set as the admin of the collection to handle metadata + sales configs updates, and will then revoke admin access + transfer ownership over to the DAO.

100% of proceeds will go to PA. Mint window will be set to forever.

[ this is more about getting us in the habit of minting important PA moments for archival purposes – as opposed to driving revenue ]


Voting is live — closes in 3 days

proposal succeeded and I just queued it. will be ready to execute sunday night est. right on time to drop monday/tuesday

cc @junghwan video editing

cc @mmsaki @thekidnamedkd mint house ?? (this will also be mintable forever tho so still no rush. i think its good we taking our time with it to be clear)