[PAP13] Routing Funds for Web2 Services

Status: Active
Context: PA Financial/Legal update
Votes: Onchain - Voting Active
Authors: @salief


Sharing this proposal that is due to go live shortly. Please comment below with any questions, insights, or concerns!

The purpose of this proposal is to allocate funds from the treasury to @losingmyego to cover the expenses of the web2 services that we, as a DAO, rely on. These payments will be made for a period of six months while we work towards establishing Public Assembly as an UNA and opening a shared bank account for future expenses.

Our current expenses are as follows:

  • Vercel: $60 per month (admins are @valcoholics, @0xTranqui, and @salief)
  • Google Workspaces: $18 per month
  • Discourse: $150 per month
  • NPM: $7 per month

The total cost of these services for the next six months is $1,410. To account for any fluctuations in price changes, this proposal suggests sending 0.85 ETH, with any leftovers refunded to the treasury after gas costs have been deducted.


Remember to vote, quorum is now 10 which is new since 100 tokens

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