[PAP14] Set Treasury Address to publicassembly.eth

Status: Pending
Context: Setting up ENS for PA treasury
Votes: Onchain
Authors: @0xTranqui



Very straightforward proposal that will make it so the PA treasury address is resolved into publicassembly.eth on dapp front ends. Currently it just shows up as the address because we havent officially linked it (see screenshot below)


I just override the button disabled state in the UI to try and execute prop 14 but its still not triggering. making me think that theres something wrong with the txn itself, but that seems rlly weird bc it appears to be being decoded correctly. any idea whats wrong? i have no idea :sweat_smile:

cc @neatonk @valcoholics @salief @math77 @thekidnamedkd @mmsaki


no idea opened a support ticket though

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fyi I just cancelled this prop because we got confirmation the txn was going to fail when executed. have no idea why :confused: but will try again soon

any examples of other orgs changing treasury address? Did you input as a custom Tx? I guess I’d look at contract for the nouns builder – changing owner effectively smells like it could be getting blocked by some anti reentrancy strategy? just guessing though

nah I did it exactly how ur supposed to (using the old nouns prop that set theirs as an example). used nouns connect which made it rlly easy and… yea idk. only remote idea I have is that ens upgraded their wrapper recently so maybe i caught it at a weird time? i imagine that shouldnt have an effect on stuff tho but who knows

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next time I/anyone else resubmits, make sure to simulate the transaction before u send the prop

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