[PAP15] Mint House Proposal

The purpose of this proposal is to allocate funds from the treasury to @thekidnamedkd and @mmsaki to cover the expenses of the mint house development.


Mint House (working name) has hit v0 and seeks retroactive funding + a speculative amount for fit and finish to the PA ecosystem. This project endeavors to explore the creation of reusable tooling for Assembly Press curation.

Demo build (updating regularly): https://mint-house-two.vercel.app/


1.3 ETH total for the following

1.08 ETH for the work already done:

  • 80 hours total split between KD (60) and Meek (20)
  • 1.08 ETH * $1900 (est) = $2052
  • 2052 / 80 = $25.65/hr for both contributors

0.22 ETH for the work to be completed:

  • Specifically on creating reusability and PA modularity
  • .22 ETH * $1900 (est) = $418
  • To be split evenly between both contributors