[PAP18] Proposal to serve Public Assembly as a Project Manager

Status: Live
Context: [Proposal to serve PA as project manager]
Votes: Onchain
Authors: verymehari



This proposal is to request funding to serve Public Assembly as a project manager for the next 3 months. The goal is to facilitate communication both internally and externally within the community, as well as to guide current and future PA members in their projects. This will also help close any loose ends in terms of documentation, guidelines for contribution, and general duties related to the DAO organization. The idea originated from watching BuilderDAO establish an operation working group in Proposal 58


For the past few months, I have been involved in the PA community (thanks to 0xtranqui for being a steward in that process) and I definitely see the potential for this organization to grow as a sanctuary for developers and builders in the Web 3 space. It was mentioned in the last town hall that for Public Assembly to grow, we need to be more organized and establish a baseline for communication channels and contribution guidelines. This proposal offers my time as a project manager to help build bridges between the community and PA as onchain infrastructure.

Proposal details:

Documentation Standardization: Establish documentation for current and past town hall meetings, and ensure that their documentation is available for the next three town hall meetings (July, August, and September). Additionally, act as a point of contact for members seeking key information within Public Assembly. As part of the deliverables for this section, transcribe meetings and present key takeaways to make the content more digestible for the community.

Project management: Assisting PA members in facilitating the 4 steps of project development (setup, planning, delivery and close). This would also involve reaching out to both old and new token holders, and providing a progress report on what they need for the project to reach completion. To begin with, I would start with the following initiatives:

  • Private destruction kit
  • Experimental beta testing bounty
  • TBD

Communication channels: Conduct an analysis of the current communication channels within PA and identify areas for improvement. This analysis should include the forum and our Twitter account. The goal is to establish a robust and effective communication strategy that builds trust and engagement within the PA community and promotes the organization’s growth and success over the long term.

External funding:

I would explore grants and other funding models that could benefit PA in the long term. In this role, I would allocate my time to sharing grants in the forum and ensuring that we meet deadlines for grant applications, if necessary.


This would help improve collaboration among PA members and provide context to others who would like to be involved.


  • Month 1 (July 2023): Townhall #4, prop house round, private destruction.
  • Month 2 (August 2023): Townhall #5, Assembly Press.
  • Month 3 (September 2023): Townhall #6, Open Blog, end of mandate report.
  • Ongoing: Reevaluate the needs of the project at that point in time and establish a process to nominate (or renominate) a project manager moving forward.


Total funds requested: 1.5 eth (0.5eth per month). To start understanding the scope of this role, I intend to dedicate at least 10 hours per week to serve PA as a project manager.


congrats on the first prop!

all of this sounds good to me and am bout to put my vote YES onchain. imo the time spent on “communication channels” would be best served assisting in the formulation/creation of the upcoming PA blog as I believe once that will provide the best external/internal visibility of all of the member activity (in theory) once its up and running. ofc twitter + forum are important too tho.

also, I believe the Experimental Beta Testing Bounty project was put on hold/cancelled a while ago – so just pointing that out for ur awareness (cc @valcoholics)

youve done a really great job with the townhalls so far and very happy PA will be able to start funding you (fingers crossed) for your continued work on this + more !!


Thank you @0xTranqui ! I’m pumped to be more involved :love_you_gesture:

and yess I agree that priority should be given to open blog (name pending). Hopefully, those efforts would translate into more community involvement.