[PAP19] Retroactive comp for PA Forum

Status: Live
Context: PA Forum
Votes: Onchain
Authors: valcoholics.eth


Submitted a proposal on the compensation for the PA Forum setup. Would appreciate your votes. If you have any questions please use this thread.

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more than deserved for all the work on the forum. and the ask is relatively small. will be voting yes

cc @salief seeing that the proposed txn isnt rendering on flexible correctly even though i believe it was working a a few weeks ago for kiru’s proposal. maybe stuff changed after recent edits?

That is weird yeah, not sure what would’ve broken it.

where can I vote?

it just passed! :saluting_face:

but for reference, here is the link: https://nouns.build/dao/ethereum/0xd2e7684cf3e2511cc3b4538bb2885dc206583076/vote/0xe8e532a9269e0160633b6c4aaf665c4199e70443cf30972d55aea6c76e4c18f8?tab=votes

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