[PAP6] Private Destruction Kit 001

Hey everybody👋🏻

Excited to share that I just submitted my first proposal😎 Collaborating with @jawn and @0xTranqui on this one!

Sorry for a couple small formatting issues. This is only my first time using nouns.build. Wanted to get a post out to create space for discussion as this prop heads into the voting period. If you have any questions please feel free to drop them here or reach out to me personally.


Put a lil something on chain to celebrate the prop⏳ Minting for the next week!


Congrats on the first prop @dannydiamonds @jawn !

The general consensus within PA is that we are eager to move away from the Zorb as the sole reference image for our outward facing identity.

I would actually argue that the stronger motivation here isn’t to move away from the zorb, but to establish an anti-brand/presence to the zorb. I think that’s the more interesting counter point as Private Destruction to Public Assembly. Remixing is definitely a great starting point, but I also see a big opportunity in establishing a new symbol or icon that represents the anti-zorb.

Regardless, would love to see more ideas around Private Destruction!


To be honest I’m not sure if this is funding Private Destruction as a working group or Private destruction as taking over Public Assembly’s imagery in the direction of these generative pieces. I don’t think it was communicated that the art in the proposal above that the pitched images are a draft, as we have been told. A lot of previous feedback was left out.

Here we talk about how the verbiage for “symbol exploration” can be a little inaccurate and could even undermine the work on the designers for the PA DAO art

There is also a line in the proposal that said “the general consensus for public assembly is”, but we have not used the main consensus mechanism, which I have understood to be the voting process.

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one of the strongest sells for this proposal was also not in the mainnet prop


@junghwan @valcoholics Really appreciate ya’ll thoughtful and timely feedback. We’ve cancelled the og prop and resubmitted a revision that hopefully addresses the concerns mentioned. Additional thoughts below that I hope will provide clarity to some of the issues brought to our attention by Val.

This was an extremely valid point, tbh we were rushing to get this out and forgot to include some things. Have gone back and reincorporated some of the learnings from that initial feedback. Thank you Val.

Think of it more as an initial experiment of funding Private Destruction as a working group. @0xTranqui and I have been talking a lot about headless brands recently. My understanding is that Public Assembly intends to take the concept literally. Headless + cc0 based projects should encourage anyone to “take over” the imagery and do what they want with it. This proposal (if passed) will create a framework + toolset for people to take our foundational imagery and remix it to their liking, thus propelling PA’s influence and status in this ecosystem. Another way to describe it would be a “Zorb Destruction Kit”, which is in line with previous feedback we received from Neesh.

The success of this project looks like people going crazy minting + remixing the Zorb via our proposed interface. It also looks like people using the framework and resources provided to build their own personalized interface. This creates more spaces where further expansion of the our imagery + process can continue.

The intention here is not to undermine any of the existing PA imagery. It’s to encourage the next “thing” and to utilize the powerful nature of PA being a CC0 project. I believe that this process continuously strengthens the influence and value of the original artwork.

Our phrasing in this part of the original proposal was a little bit of an oversight that has since been corrected. Thanks again.

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Thank you, I feel more comfortable casting my honest vote towards this prop.


Hello All,

Thank you for your patience as I’ve slowly been trudging along through the design of this project. A basic site construction guide lives here and here. The final design for desktop has been completed and all of the necessary assets have been sent to @neatonk, who will be handling front end development.

Based on my conversations with Kevin it has become clear that the construction of this project will be significantly more tedious and taxing on the developer side than we first imagined when drafting up the proposal. We don’t have an explicit timeline for when the development of this project will be done. Simply put, the design implementation will take longer than expected.

The site design specifically has taken me the longest, certainly exceeding the amount of time I thought it would take. Now that I can focus on the art being highlighted, I believe @jawn and I are well on our way to finishing the necessary artwork within the next two weeks.

In regards to our next steps I’m currently mulling over an ideal route for the mobile representation of this concept. Some ideas included here. My current favorite alternative is to simplify the functionality of the mobile version and to only have a randomize function as the main option for customization. Let me know if y’all have any better ideas.

Once the interface is functional I’d like for Jawn and I to film a demo construction where we put together and mint the pieces. For now I am keeping all of the necessary source documents in one place. All of the relevant conversations, notes, and references are accounted for as well.

Still need to map out the marketing of this project. I think sharing glimpses into the process would be a great natural way to market. For example, I’ve had a lot of fun creating the pixel icons for each button. A lot of the icons have gone through multiple iterations and I thought it could be cool to share an image with a selection of these icon iterations in a grid style either on the Private Destruction page or on the Public Assembly page. Mock up below.

Both excited and stressed about getting this project right. I’ve tried my best to consistently chip away at it since the proposal got approved but this process has marked a lot of firsts for me which has affected the timeline. Just want to finish out with something I feel 100% on. Want to set the tone and to represent my vision accurately.

  • Danny

Thanks for this update Danny! This is going to be awesome. Super excited to be building out the frontend on this with you and to see what people mint with it.

So far, I’ve really enjoyed the challenge of putting this image-based this UI together in a way that is responsive and reusable. When this is done, the components could be used elsewhere or reskinned just by swapping out the images that they use.


Thanks for these mobile layout mock-ups. Here are a few of my thoughts:

  • The simplified UI seems like a practical solution for mobile.
  • If more buttons are needed, a vertical button stack or grid of icon-only buttons would work well.
  • We can probably keep the desktop button layout on medium/tablet displays.
  • Generally, anything that the user needs to tap to interact with will need to be a bit bigger for small/touch screens.
  • Related content can be grouped and accessed through tabs or hidden offscreen in a tray etc. Would be cool to hear your thoughts on this part.

I’m happy to iterate on the mobile layout with you. If you prefer to generate mock-ups and get feedback that’s cool. Otherwise, I can take a stab at it then iterate on the live site with you, when we get there.


Meant to include these previews in the big update! Some stills of how the Destruction Kit will look on desktop. Order of images:

  1. Layer 4/5 during the destruction stage
  2. Pre-Mint Preview
  3. Post Mint Preview

Vertical stack was something that @0xTranqui suggested as well. I think the related content like overlay selection will be hard to place without making it too busy hence the randomize function as only option for mobile. With your guidance anything is possible though. I think I’d rather have you take a stab at it since I didn’t have a clear vision for mobile.