[PAP8] Recruit Erick for Flexible DAO Interfaces

Status: Queued
Votes: Onchain - Passed

Authors: @E-Rick


This is a follow-up to ff89de’s most recent proposal Fund Flexible DAO Interfaces. It is an effort to activate another developer in the current sprint.

20 ETH of the original 25 ETH received from BuilderDAO was distributed to ff89de. This proposal aims to allocate the remaining 5 ETH to Erick, a talented design engineer who will assist ff89de with design implementation, quality analysis, and provide insight on architecture considerations. Erick has in past contributed to Public Assembly, as well as worked individually with various members of the DAO.

The 5 ETH requested in this proposal equates to 2 weeks of full-time contribution, as well as one week of dedicated QA. If this proposal succeeds, Erick will start contributing towards the project on Monday, January 23rd, putting the team on pace to complete the sprint on or shortly after February 6th.

Erick’s portfolio: https://erickmartinezjr.com

thank u so much @valcoholics for getting this up in the forum!!

@salief + @E-Rick moving forward we should try to standardize proposers taking the initiative to get a post like this up in the forum themselves – to distribute the admin load across all of us

… at least until we get a proposal up to fund someone for this type of admin work!

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