[PAP9] Nouns Builder Upgrade v1.2.0 2023-02-15

Status: Active
Context: Release v1.2.0 · ourzora/nouns-protocol · GitHub
Votes: Onchain - Voting Started

Authors: @Zora



V1.2 introduces the Airdrop feature, allowing your DAO to propose to airdrop tokens to any wallet. This allows you to expand your community beyond the auction mechanism, and compensate community members with tokens.

For those of you who submitted a prop for the upgrade already, you have to cancel the prop and then you will have the option to submit a new one with the release notes.

To get instant access to Airdrop you can upgrade and airdrop at the same time from the submit proposal flow!


ooo this a big one. who we airdropping :eyes: :eyes:

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There was a post on protocol upgrades needing a longer voting cycle than other proposals but not sure how to make that a thing for single props

I think this prop is interesting because every little upgrade reshapes how people in this org interact with each other:

  • Airdrops are generally used to add additional value or to draw attention to a brand or experience.
  • Airdrops can allow you to map out creatives ways to promote participation in a DAO and reward labor directly
  • DAO members have the ability to decide if they do not want airdrops added into their protocol

but I personally feel there could be a similar scenario to when some builderDAO members came out and said they only want to interact with an ecosystem that only uses their funds to make prop house rounds, what happens to the value of your token when an airdrop goes into effect?

Can’t necessarily look at the nouns fork airdrop the same way people look at ERC20 airdrops either but…idk fr

I am heavily assuming it means airdrop the PA DAO token similar to how it looks like on create tools but if it was any token, PA marketing has done really well with open editions for the last 3 months so I’m in favor of seeing airdrops overall. This could help us implement some type of bidders edition

just voted on this!

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