PATH #1 - Recording + Slides

See below for links to the recording + slides from today’s town hall:

Video Recording
Presentation slides

While we should all def share these recordings + info with anyone we are in contact with, I think it would be smart to hold off on distributing the media thru the PA twitter + site until the edition that will hold this media is live – so that any value (financial / cultural) can accrue to the onchain instance of the recording. feel like the mint could possibly be free too ??? or at very least we can airdrop it to everyone who was at the meeting

Citing this recent post about the concept of “mint first” as helpful context for why i think this is the move. just an idea tho open to wtv


thanks, when will we be minting on assembly press contracts

as soon as the draft of v1 gets finalized + goes thru rfc

me and @junghwan starting on a minimal create flow for curation contracts, and then our own 1155 open editions, later today

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